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  1. Here is a "hot coke" shot. The way it was taken makes the forge look like it is really close to a bunch of flammable stuff but in reality there was a pretty good buffer (and plenty of water/fire extinguishers near by)
  2. Here is my brake drum forge. The fire tools are actually tied to the cross bar with string in this pic but I am making some S hooks for them to hang from. I will be using a blow dryer for air. Here is a better picture of the ash dump...
  3. Some nice toys showing up in this thread. Keep em' coming!
  4. Just like the title says- show me your toys (metal working or otherwise). I'll start. This is my latest toy/project. It is a 1952 Simplicity Model W walk behind tractor that I pulled out of the woods from behind a guys barn and completely rebuilt to bring it back to life. It has a fully cast iron B&S model 19 engine on it that puts out about 7.25hp. It has a 3-speed + reverse transmission I have a moldboard plow, cultivators, and a cordwood saw for it but the attachment I'm most proud of is the franken-blower I made for it. The blower auger is an unknown riding mower auger that I picke
  5. Just as the title says, how did you decide on what to use as your personal touchmark to 'sign' your work? Tonight I complete the "Blacksmithing 101" class I enrolled in. I have acquired enough materials to fake my way through doing a little forging at home with my homemade propane forge and my RR track anvil. I still have a long way to go but I hope to start making some gifts for family and friends. I'd love to be able to mark them as things I made but I'm unsure what to use as my mark. My initials would work or my entire first name is only 4 letters and could probably be made into a reason
  6. Very nice. I have some friends who just had a sheep/agricultural themed wedding and they would have loved something like this.
  7. So what kind of wine did you make that is in the bottle? [i assume from the cork and lack of a label that this is homemade wine.] I just bottled a Dragonfruit Raspberry White Shiraz wine [well, more of a wine cooler I suppose] last month. I've been making wine for a couple years now but I just started blacksmithing and have not made any wine related metal items using these skills yet. I did make a wine bottle thing using non-blacksmith metal working @ http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/28675-wine-bottle-torch-wedding-present/ /Wine making blacksmiths unite!
  8. Good eye. The first one was bent around what I believe was a 3/4" jig by heating only that section with an oxy torch. The second was cold bent around a 1" die on my compact bender in my home workshop. Jeremy- That is beautiful!
  9. This is the first triangle that I made during the class. And here is a second that I made at home with my little home made propane forge, a set of channel lock pliers for tongs, and a piece of railroad track as an anvil...
  10. Nice! After using the "real" tongs at my blacksmithing class, I am especially cognizant of how terrible it is to try to use a pair of plumbers channel lock pliers in my home forge. I'll have to make or buy some appropriate tongs soon and your picture gives me hope that I can make them.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the great advice and insight. It is amazing to me how much deeper into all things I have to look and learn as I have become interested in smithing. A triangle seems like it would be the simplest thing in the world to make but there are so many little details that affect the quality of the finished product. Abraham Lincoln once said, "I don't think much of a man who is no wiser today than he was yesterday" and I feel like blacksmithing has enough to teach me that I'll not soon run out of ways to become wiser each day,
  12. Any musical triangle experts in here? Last night at my blacksmithing class I made one largely based on the design in Lorelei Sims book. It looks nice but the way she shows it hanging it doesn't ring at all and with it hung properly it rings but not beautifully. I did not have 1/2" round so I used 3/8" round instead which looks fine but may have been part of the problem. The class instructors had different ideas about the exact proportions that each side needed to be and there was even talk of "super quenching" to try and improve the sound but they didn't have a lot of specifics other than "we
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