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Found 8 results

  1. I just picked up a model 660 buffalo further and want to make a replacement hood for it but I can't find any relevant information on how the downdraft hoods were designed, dimensions etc... If anybody has one of these forges and could get me dimensions of detailed pictures of the hood design it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi guys, I live in Calgary and am about to move into a new house why an awesome garage, but it brings up a few questions. First, I am thinking of building a hood to gather the combusted gasses from both a charcoal brake drum forge and a propane forge. The guy at a bbq shop is suggesting an 8" double walled chimney. The good thing is that it will be pretty close to code (wall penetration and 6 ft above the gutter, about the same height as the peak). He says that because I am not burning wood in a direct vent system a hood is ok. However, on this forum people keep saying 8" might not be enough. I'll post some pics for context. Any informed opinions? Btw, the garage is in a lower area with a hill behind it (fairly protected) and I bought a cheap window fan that I can use to pressurize the garage a bit. The forging area will be tucked on the left side of that garage door, right next to the cinder block wall. There is virtually no overhang (no soffit) as you can see in the pictures. Still looks like over a grand just for the parts, and I need to get a hood custom made by a local sheet metal place.
  3. I have this forge. Wish I'd made it from a normal 55gal barrel but didn't. It's a little smaller diameter. I would like to add a portable hood to it. So the whole thing would be portable, and the hood would be optional, say, for when I need the room and the hood gets in the way, I just pull it away. I found several good designs with stacked barrels, but mine isn't 55-gallon size and they look really large. Here's my idea. Will this draw, do you think? Or will breeze outside just laugh at it? I'm not sure if the 5 gallon buckets could be stacked very well if they are tapered. Maybe bottom to top to bottom to top... Even better if the bottom of it could have collapsible legs instead of more buckets... But I just thought of something. If I put a door in the bottom bucket, I could prime the airflow from there until it got drawing good from the center. (?) - Q
  4. Hello folks! I finished my first forge today with putting a side draft on. However it dosent seem to be drafting that well. Was hoping I could possibly get a few pointers from some folks. I am using lump charcoal for fuel. The side draft is 23" tall 24" wide and 10" deep with a 6" diameter stack that is 10' tall. I apologize for the looks of this thing... It's not the best looking but it works (except for the side draft) and all parts were scrounged. The fire pot is 13" x13" and 5" deep. I've seen some other pics that have a "hood" over the opening going to try and put one on tomorrow. If anyone has any words of wisdom I would appreciate it. Thank you
  5. So, this is my small, portable forge in an upside down lawnmower. Laugh all you want, it was meant to be funny and its worked for the last two years. However I'm tired of breathing smoke and sneezing black, and since I work outside a lot, I'd like some shade to tell the color of the metal by when it's sunny. I'm thinking of a hood as a possible project this weekend. Since it's outside and moved about from time to time, it'll probably have to set on the refractory surface. Any ideas? Suggestions? http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/36989-cam00121/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/36990-cam00122/
  6. Hey guys, now I finally installed the smoke flue I ordered. It is not yet 100% finished, cause it needs to be stabilized, the hole in the roof has to be made tight and the flue needs a roof. But it already does its job great! Thank you again for your good advise! Here are a few pics of the installation: If you want to built a similar installation and need some advise feel free to ask! - Daniel
  7. Hello again. I was wondering if anyone here can tell me a short history of the side draft (not blast) forge design (for curiosity more than anything). I have been looking all over to see if I could find the earliest instance of this sort of forge, with little luck. I thought a good place to start my search is the medieval (I know, very vague term) era, but it seems to me that most medieval forges have full hoods of masonry. I cannot find a date for the beginning of the use of side draft forges. Any help? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys im wanting an expert opinion on how i should set this up. I want to know if the plan for the fire pot is good, it will be 6in from the back lip and 8x8in 5in deep 6x6in base, I want to set up a good hood for it, one where i dont have to do a super sucker. Also advice on how to make a good ture and clinker breaker would be nice, iwant to set this up nice. Any tips, pics, ect would be awsome. thanks all.
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