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  1. The first one is nice; it reminds me of a Miyamoto Musashi ink brush painting.
  2. I would like to comment, but the video does not load for me.
  3. I taught Aikido here for a few years, but finding students who would commit to training was difficult; also, the culture here is not predisposed to the Art of Peace.
  4. Looks like an axle or output shaft assembly of some kind.
  5. I ended up making a new control rod and wood "buttons" to actuate the switches, with the buttons being threaded to allow for adjustment, and the lower button able to move to adjust stroke height for working with tooling under the ram. I used koa for the buttons; time will tell how well they hold up...I can always remake them from aluminum later if needed. Thanks, Jason.
  6. The issue with 110v welding machines tends to be lack of penetration on thicker materials (3/16 and thicker). Until some experience is gained, it can seem as if a weld has been made, only to discover that the bead did not penetrate sufficiently. Also, a regular 15 amp household circuit breaker will trip regularly using a welder on it, so 20 amp should be considered a minimum for those machines. An arc welder running on 110 volts can do some decent welding for small shop stuff if using small electrodes and multiple passes, and tends towards better penetration than a 110 volt wire feed welder.
  7. Sending good thoughts your way, Randy.
  8. I have gotten a number of my hammers for cheap; on the other hand, i have spent $350 for a particular brand/vintage of hammer, and consider it an investment toward doing work efficiently, thus saving money in the long run. A hammer is a tool, and a tool has a purpose.
  9. Looks like nail clinchers for farriers.
  10. Looks like it hits like a beast, well done. Which Everlast machine is that, I have the PowerPro 256Si.