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  1. Japanese Blade Appraisal

    Photos help; i haven't logged onto this site in a while, but i spend a lot of time on the Nihonto Message Board.....lots of helpful people there. Some decent photos, and you should get some educated opinions.
  2. I'm back ..for the moment

    Welcome back; been gone a while myself….and moved to American Samoa. A couple of those knives would look great with my kilt….alas, I am a Scotsman and am still building my house and shop, or….. Hopefully someday i will have at least one of your (master) pieces, I am hoping for one of your katana. Good luck with the move!
  3. Vegetable knife

    Looks functional, what do the kanji mean and how did you etch them?
  4. Antler handled skinner

    nicely done; tell us how you did the fittings.
  5. After all it is just a quarter.

    we save our quarters for the laundromat and refilling drinking water.
  6. Tanto Style in W2

    Sweet! I like the hamon and the etched calligraphy and sheath….nice package!
  7. Casting a forging-ready sword base

    Aluminum is only forgeable within a narrow heat range; too hot and it disintegrates, too cold and it cracks. Try experimenting with scrap pieces first.
  8. to Brush or not to brush

    To reduce scale?
  9. Knife pierces heart

    Condolences to the family; I hope we can learn more about how this occurred in the interest of shop safety. Buffer accident?
  10. oops, gotcha moment

    While building my house I had been trying to impress the importance of PPE on the guys working with me. Unfortunately while working on his uncle's u joints, banging away with a hammer minus the safety glasses i had provided to him, the bearing cap shattered and a small shard penetrated into the vitreous humor( the jelly stuff in the eye.) Paid to send him to Hawaii for eval but they weren't able to remove the piece and get his sight back. Now he is blind in that eye and he has a hard time with everything.
  11. "Just for Copper" solderless copper welding

    I have used that stuff for plumbing, it is basically an epoxy type compound. I personally would not use it on a habaki.
  12. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

    nice work, experience usually teaches us more efficient ways to do stuff.
  13. Completed, English Scalping Knife Replica 1750-1790

    Consider your two bits snipped off.
  14. Sword ID?

    NCO swords generally had the metal handles… internet is not great here so the pics don't d/l…. can't add any more at the moment.
  15. Completed, English Scalping Knife Replica 1750-1790

    Nice knife and sheath, as mentioned above these were not sold as "scalping knives" though they may have been used as such. As a war veteran and of native descent i am not very happy with the description as a "scalping knife" so you may want to consider that in the future.