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  1. Funny you mention that, Ted; as you are the one vigorously defending your conclusion in spite of lots of experiences by others to the contrary. Anvil mass is an experiential fact that has been established by long practice, otherwise we would all be forging on I beam or rail instead of 125 plus pound anvils. But no one is stopping you from reinvention of the wheel (anvil).
  2. Nicely done; how will you mount it? I have used wood and stone plaques for a couple, steel base for another.
  3. I have thousands of dives, saw plenty of sharks on some of them; the only thing i have stabbed is fish after I have speared them. Everyone will have their own perspective on the subject.
  4. "You go on over there, General Custer" Little Big Man, Dustin Hoffman 70s movie
  5. I think it was Raymond Richard. It was sold to a local. Maybe from (somewhere else)
  6. BillyBones, to me it looks like your steel for your tongs is burnt(ruined, overheated.) Start fresh and try again.
  7. Ausfire, that is a crazy sculpture, where did you find that? I have been working on some tongs, reforging an old cutter into a hammer eye punch, and got an old axle to forge into another punch. My mower deck self destructed yesterday, good thing i bought a replacement a while back....I was getting too good at welding up the old one.
  8. So I did some more testing, while forging down and old cold or hot cut into a hammer eye punch; when the hammer was playing nice, it was doing a good job off knocking down the stock. I somewhere misplaced my tripod, so no video yet. Still have some issues with the control mechanism to work out, as the "button" on the rod that goes up and down with the ram to act on the solenoid switches keeps messing up the upper switch.
  9. As long as the whole welded top doesn't come off, and no shrapnel occurs, I do not see the problem.
  10. Nice looking anvil, welcome and forge on.
  11. So earlier there was a discussion about the orientation of my leaf spring helve; after some tests, I did see the need to place a strap around the leaves to keep them together on the side closest to the ram. Thanks to Buzzkill and JLP Svcs....the strap lets more of the input to be output, thus a harder hit and less flex. This necessitated some changes in the arrangement of the switches and actuation arm thingy; will do more testing today and maybe video.