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  1. How is your post vise's leg mounted? I am making a mount, but the leg I don't have clue.
  2. a magnet with 5160 only tells your very close with W2 I don't think that critical and non-magnetic are very close Like I said I was talking about getting a feel for steel, since when you first forge a new steel you can't go by color. BTW for differential tempering not for through tempering
  3. Anyone heat treat or temper with Tempilstiks? or use them for anything? :D I thought they could be nice when getting the hang of new steels. thx in advance
  4. Where to buy coal in MN? In northern MN, I know about R.T. Duggan Co. and I know about TradeWinds Heating Air Conditioning Fireplace LLC. However I would prefer a closer supplier, and would like to know what you guys think. What is the going rate per 50 pound? Also I know soft bituminous coal is good is Anthracite coal OK? THX in advance
  5. I just bought a post vise it says Arthur J. O'Leary of Chicago, any history? Are they good working man vises? THX in advance!
  6. Just a question, what epoxy do you use? I noticed there wasn't a thread on epoxy on here so..... I am going to start knifemaking this summer, so I haven't made a knife yet, and haven't used epoxy on a handle.
  7. This is my first anvil! 152 pound hay budden, I payed 150 dollars. BTW it's sweet for a sweet price.[
  8. What safety equipment do you need? I am going to start blade smithing this summer, I would now but the 2 feet of snow puts a damper on it. In fact I got an anvil last sunday :) I know that you need hearing protection, is there a criteria for hearing protection? What to look for in safety glasses? I want to keep the glasses under 50 dollars My wife wants me to wear a apron, I was looking at the "Pieh Knifemaker Apron, Flame Retardant" available at: or a leather welding apron, like this: should I go for a leather welding apron or the knifemaker apron? Also any recommendations on gloves? THX in advance BTW the anvil turned out to be a Hay Budden, it's 152 pounds and I payed 150 dollars!!!
  9. THX I'll give it a try soon(week maybe 2) and post pictures.......
  10. OK I am in my early teens, not rich, and I want to get forging. So that brings me to my question about anvils, could I take a thicker piece of steel weighing like 30 pounds, nail it to a big tree stump and wouldn't that take the beating and a secure connection between the stump and steel should make their weight like one. Let me know if you think this is possible! THX in advance! BTW didn't the vikings use a square of steel with a nail shank on one side in a tree stump as a travel anvil?