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  1. Check out some of Mark Aspery's stuff on youtube, he's got some pretty clear,concise videos-seeing how someone does it can help you figure it out.
  2. Too funny-maybe I'd get charged for the candles........................
  3. The part that really baffles me, is in my inquiry to Lucifer I had asked about upgrading the controls (i.e. using ones purchased from Lucifer) along with asking about an owners manual. That is where the statement in the reply "the information you are requesting would be in this manual" is from. I started thinking--wait a minute, I have to purchase a 150 dollar manual to just find out if I can upgrade this thing to modern controls (ie ramping temps etc). Something is smelly about this...... I still might buy the thing-did a bit of research (on this site by the way) and found out about PID contollers-looks very staightforward to do. As to why Lucifer wasn't helpful about upgrading using their parts, who knows. Onward and upward.
  4. Wrought cannot be worked like steel-for instance how Brian Brazeal forges going in a continuous 360 instead of back and forth in 90 deg. It'll just fall apart. Also, I found when I first started forging iron, I had to go from the point back to stop that kind of separation. After I worked more of it, I learned the limits a bit better.
  5. I sent an e-mail in return that I was not only looking at used, but new also and that cost of replacement literature is a concern. The president of the company sent me a note back basically saying "that's what they cost us to produce". I probably won't pick up the oven-or buy a new one from them. I'd like to see what would happen if a competitor got wind of this info. Oh, and the guy selling it knows what the manual cost-he said "that's why I don't have one"......
  6. So, I was looking at a used Lucifer heat treat oven, and I contacted the company to see if I could get a owners manual, and to see if the controls could be upgraded. Here's the reply- You will need to provide us with the 4 digit serial number on the furnace. Due to confidentiality and the fact that all Lucifer furnaces and ovens have been manufactured to each customer’s specifications…..all are quite different, we do not post information electronically. If you want to purchase an instruction manual, the cost for this is $150. Manuals are prepared per order and are not a stock item. Availability is 7-10 Days. The information you are requesting would be in this manual. Regards, Rosemary Sales - Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. Seriously??? $150.00 for a manual??? And I have to buy it to see if I can get them to upgrade the controls?? Wow, I'd think twice about buying a new furnace from them if they charge 150 bucks for a manual-in this day and age, a digital manual is quite easy for them to make.
  7. And ,yes, wrought iron exposed to salt water etc is still usable-just a less amterial where it's partially rusted.
  8. It's from a barge-they are pins stuck vertically in the planking (if 4"x6"-8" can be considered a plank)to add strength. There's probably a few hundred pounds more. Most iron used in nautical construction is usually pretty good grade-but not always. A friend who got some of this found some steel in his.
  9. About 150 pounds wrought iron, freshly scrounged, good quality. 3/4 round.
  10. Coming from a guy that had the same hard time of hours and hours of fiddling around-nice job. Doing them freehand like that will really increase your skills with scrollwork. Good work.
  11. Nice adaptive re-use. Fits with reduce,reuse, and recycle.
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