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  1. Hey thats actualy pritty vool idea thanx for shating that i will definitely consider it. Looks like my drill just needs new motor bushes so ill search around and try find new ones thanx.
  2. Can you explain the hole saw thing sounds interesting
  3. Ok i will look itno his design once i find it, hopefully my area stocks the extra parts i need. I have a drill thats broken so if i can get it to work some how then thatll be good but im not good at all at drilling straight holes lol
  4. Ok can one of you please link me to an online store that sells the correct parts i might be able to get some tooks if i take a drive to my friends house its abit far away but i havent forged anything in 3 years so its becoming abit much and i dont want to bother you guys anymore than i have. Ps i have no idea what these fittings are called in countries outside of new zealand so i have trouble looking for them on google
  5. Thanx for all the replies guys i will make an update when i have some improvements with this design. Buying a burner would be my first plan if i had the money which i dont and wont for a while as im saving for my wedding so at the moment all my extra funds are going to the wedding fund. I will just play around with it until it fixed.
  6. Ok sorry guys i should of mentioned a few things. Firstly the reason im using the 1/2 brass plug drilled (on a lathe as well as the stainless tube for gas delivery) is because i had this made a few years ago for my 1/2 i ch burner and right now im not in the position to get a 1inch plug drilled as i jave no access to a lathe anymore and also i have limited tools including lack of a drill this brass plug is perfectly center even with the 1/2 to 1 inch adapter in place. I will attach some more pictures to give you guys a better idea of the burner design, if someone in the us is will
  7. So pulling the gas supply tube back only seems to make that wierd noise get louder and more unstable sounding. I might be wrong in saying this but could a almost empty bottle be causing this? I know it sou ds dumb to questioning that at this stage but i can still here liquid in it and it still has enough pressure to burn the 1/2 inch burner set up no problems.
  8. Hey Frosty, as always your the first to help so thanx. Firstly thanx for the warning about the galv burning although im aware of it already its good to see people out there still care for others. As to the 1"x8" your guess is as good as mine ive literally looked at every local store in my area for longer nipples but all they stock is the small ones i got, there is a store abit further awaythat aparently stock a number of specialty connections including black pipe but my problem is i only get off work 3 days a month and all my days are on the weekend when unfortunately this store is c
  9. Forgot to mention the flame as ignites inside the burners down tube so basicly instead of burning at the end of the burner like it shoukd itll be lit inside the tube
  10. Hey guys so ive made a new forge from an air compressor and a new 1 inch burner and for some reason my burner flame doesnt seem to wanna stay put it keeps jumping from a good clean cone shape to just plane blue flames and is making a wierd sound i can only describe as a combination of a bottle cap rattling and a popping sound. The burner parts ive used are the best i can find in my area and the burner tube is the longest i could find in one section so i got 2. Burner parts are as follows: 2 1 inch nipples 4 inch long 2 1 inch to 1 inch connectors A 1 inch T A 1 inch
  11. Id love to have even power in my work shop so at the moment i listen to the roar of dragons breath in my garage/workshop.
  12. Good idea although i dont spot weld anything but an idea just struck me, what about a secondary vice to hold a knife in the main vice whilste draw filing? I might have to remove the spikey jaw part first so i dont damage my blades.
  13. i dont recall ever wanting to make a giant statue or was that an inside joke?
  14. Thanx for the info, for this blade im going to weld up the hole closest to the blade and cut around the handle to make a hidden tang. Will keep updated
  15. Any other uses for it like a small vice.
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