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  1. Shortly before leaving the office Friday, I get a text from the foremost hired hand of Bolingbrook's Colonial Village, Jesse. It's two pictures of a ladder with its final rung lopped in half, and a plea for help. He asked if I could weld it back together tonight as he needs it for a big job in the morning. Aside from his drywall work and snowplow route, Jesse employs a handful of our neighbors in his seasonal gutter-cleaning business and, of course, 'tis the season! The towering maples, birches and Siberian elms (oh, the elms; they shed their limbs before their leaves!) fill blocks and blocks
  2. No worries about the pictures. Makes sense. And I think I would prefer the route you took with the drift for opening the slot, as I see a small potential for the outer bosses to bow either in or out with the upsetting approach. The drift also gives you the exact width you are going for. And even if you somehow marred the inside of the boss, you could use it as a flatter as you mentioned earlier in the process.
  3. There 'ya go. That would be a cool build. I even make charcoal for neighbors to grill with sometimes. I wouldn't use pallets in the case of the smoker though haha.
  4. There's no building involved in a can-in-barrel retort. I bought a 55 gallon barrel on FB marketplace for $20 and picked up an empty metal trashcan someone had just sitting at their curb! (just kidding I bought that too). After I started telling friends and family that I make charcoal as fuel, many were happy to just give me their extra timber, especially in the summer when everyone is trimming and removing trees. A 30 gallon trash can produces about 15-20lbs of charcoal, depending on the type of wood used, in my experience. For tinder, I drive around business parks/complexes looking for
  5. Rockstar.esq, That process certainly does seem more complicated than the half-lap. Also sounds like you've got it down! I've seen riveted box joint tongs but never seen them forged out, I'll look into some videos. If you have a picture of yours that would be cool to see after the nice visual you gave of the process.
  6. Thank you for sharing that video, John. Very helpful. I actually made mine based on a Joey van der Steeg video where he used 3/4" round spring steel. And thank you for mentioning the bosses as I am wary of mine for the reason you mention; they are slightly more than half the thickness of those in that video. I'll keep this in mind when approaching my next pair. Hopefully they don't give when I use them on my current scrolls.
  7. Well now I want some better wrenches too! Lol. I've got some sections of 7/8" round stock that I believe was used as canopy tent stakes that might work..? It was painted yellow at one point. IIRC, they have some crowning at one end from what I assume is damage from hammer blows. Too soft?
  8. I posted last year in September when it "Followed Me Home", and a response I got advised that it was sucker rod: However, my FIL who gave it to me, acquired it from a deceased neighbor who in life had no known (to my FIL) connection to well pumping. He was an electrician and collector of much scrap steel in south-western Kentucky, so it is difficult to pinpoint from where it originated exactly. It certainly sparks and forges like HC steel (in my limited experience), so maybe it is related to an electrician's vocation, rather than sucker rod, if most is MC like you say. I do have a
  9. I needed a pair of scrolling tongs for some desk legs I have been working on. I have some 3/16" x 2" flat stock scrolls that will be attached to the legs; my hope is that these tongs will help me refine the imperfect scrolls. These are the third pair of tongs I have ever forged. I have yet to test them and at face value, they could certainly use some improvements in a few areas, but they feel sturdy and comfortable in my hand. I learned a lot along the way in regards to number of heats used, hammer techniques and control, and overall confidence in my abilities. They are forged from 5/8" h
  10. Chimaera, that sounds awful! Man, I cringe at the thought! This weekend was spent with the in-laws who visited from Kentucky. Tim and I worked on a desk for my wife who spends most of her work week at home now. Tim is a better carpenter than I am blacksmith, so he helped me build a very nice frame and desktop with temporary 2x4 legs. He was also my temp-apprentice at the smithy for the weekend, assisting me in measurements, leveling ("he's level on a level"), and multiple snow quenches between working pieces. Despite using a scroll jig, I still need to tweak my scrolls with a
  11. Nice! I'm in the market for some round frames too; I was recently gifted a pair of dark round lenses, I want to get some frames like yours to keep at the torch station. Also, mail call!
  12. I grew up in the Dupage County, moved away for school and work to KY for about 7 years. Ever since I have been back up here, the idea of it being "home" is slowly losing its sentiment. Like you say, just a place where some family and friends stay. My wife has inherited a good acreage where she grew up in KY; been in her family for 100+ years and one day in the near future we will build on it. I hope to do the same one day! One thing I find common in IL is all the talk of wanting to get out; very little pride in residence and even less attachment. I can't help but hear and feel the oppo
  13. Kexel, I meant not to imply any ignorance. I merely saw that a generalizing conversation was being had about the state in which I live. Considering that we have several members here on IFI who reside in IL, I figured a summary of the laws would be helpful for all of us.
  14. You cannot bring it into IL public schools either if the blade is any longer than 3", according to the American Knife & Tool Institute. This is also true of any building or land supported at least in part by public funds. More specifically, you cannot even be on a "public way"(street, sidewalk or road) within 1000ft of the boundary. However, the state does have to prove that the violation occurred knowingly. Meaning, if you did not know that the property was partly supported by public funds, you must prove that. Knives that are legal to posses in IL: Balisong or butterfly k
  15. Frosty, Thanks for that. Makes a lot of sense and saves me the labor of attaching the pivot rig. I thought about maybe spray painting it with some rust resistant stuff and then a finish with something slick. I like the paste wax idea too. And if I truly was mechanically savvy, I would attempt the blower idea for sure. Now to just get those chains! Nodebt, Ahh I see! Yes, that could be really helpful. Might just do that. Right now the bucket sometimes dips too far... and only once did it pull the lever from my hand. Otherwise, it only dips a few inches and is pulled up immedi
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