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  1. My 2 cents on making charcoal here in the 'burbs of Chicago: It is similar to what Frosty suggested. I bought a used and cleaned 55 gallon drum for 20 bucks through one of those local marketplace apps. I punched holes all around the bottom sides of the drum to let air in. I then fill a small (30gal?) metal galvanized trash can with the wood I want to become my forge charcoal. Laying both on their side, I slide the galvy can into the 55 drum with the top facing the bottom of the 55 drum (upside down when both standing upright). Center the can and surround it with scrap wood, light it and l
  2. Indeed! It gets hot in there when using the gas forge!
  3. Oh gotcha. Understood. Yeah, it cracked around the time I was only able to achieve a dull red heat. Should have quit sooner.
  4. I did not quench. I felt a little guilty for using good tool steel for that project, but I didn't have a big enough piece of mild steel for it. Is it a bad idea to use it simply because its composition can serve a better purpose?
  5. My wife told me that my In-laws will be visiting us this weekend with many gifts in-tow. The most exciting gift being the oxy/acy tanks and torches! Since I will have them much sooner than I thought, I am putting off building the hood and chimney until this weekend so it will all be much easier to cut and assemble with the tanks. So, this weekend I forged an ash dump instead. I really just wanted to try my hand at a decorative ball-end for the handle -- it did not go as planned. I was unable to make it round before my propane ran out (I was near the last of it when I began) and it develo
  6. That combined with my angle iron anchors and a couple chains worked perfectly! From loud ring to damp "thwap." Thanks!
  7. Seconded! haha Nah, but I am very fortunate to live in an eclectic, blue collar subdivision with great neighbors. My smithy is near the corner of where all 4 of our backyards meet and I am almost completely covered by a border of trees and fence. My closest neighbor, whom I share a larger portion of fence with, is very supportive of me and even hired me to restore an axe for him. Never had a complaint or concerned looks from the others. I also live on a busy thoroughfare, so the frequent trucks and cars deter from my noise. Nevertheless, I am grabbing some latex caulking on the way home
  8. Yeah, for the sake of my ears and consideration to the neighbors, I think it's passed time to do just that. Lol! I just imagine myself swinging a hammer underwater... could be a good muscle exercise!
  9. JHCC, Yes, I have seen this before and thought about using your design (IV) as the base of a potential portable hole. I am dreaming of stand-builds in general, I guess. My 125lb cast steel anvil currently sits on 6"x6"'s in a 1" deep offset with angle iron anchors. I like it because it was a project I did with my FIL and it's at the perfect height for me... it does ring quite a bit tho. My 100lbs forged steel anvil sits strapped atop a large stump I acquired after the village removed some trees that were leaning and shedding large branches into the street. I don't use that anv
  10. Found this chunk of beam and 3 chunks of angle iron curbside on the way home from work yesterday. Always feels good to beat the scrap metal collectors to the punch around here! Trash pick-up day was thrown off by Labor Day so I think everyone, including the scrappers, are still confused about when they are picking up. It's usually just the day after when there is a holiday during the week, but 2 days later and we all still have the trash at the curb! But I'm not complaining, worked out in my favor! Would have been perfect for the coal forge I am currently building, but I'm already too fa
  11. I am late to the editing time, sorry admins. I think I found my answer: It should be fine with no chimney or a short stack chimney should be fine while outside, as long as it is a minimum of 10" in diameter. Sometimes I need to keep my endless concerns to myself lol
  12. Still on a budget. This weekend I finally got the body of the forge cut up and welded together. No pictures yet as it still still needs touching up. I also forged some feet for the front 2 legs; the back 2 I am thinking will be wheels. Like these legs, the frame will be built from rebar... 30' for less than 12 bucks. I have enough of the structural tubing to cut out pieces for a frame, but cutting free-hand with an angle grinder for hours on end has proven to not only be tiresome, but sloppy. A new concern I have: Before I have the ability to get the forge installed in the smithy wi
  13. Glenn & jlp, Thank you for sharing these; super helpful. Now I have a tough decision to make!
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