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  1. Here's one of mine. I got the inspiration for them while enjoying a Bass Ale, and I tell buyers that even if they drink like a fish, they won't wear one out. I usually start off with 4 or 5 inches of 1/4 x 1, and I like to drill them at the nose so they can be used as a key fob. The tip of the tail works well to pop the tabs on aluminum cans, too.
  2. Impressive first effort! Keep going!
  3. I work in a propane forge which is to the left of my anvil. The anvil sits at about a 45 to the forge, with the horn pointing left, a step and a half from the little inferno. I feel that having the horn on my tong hand side (I'm right handed) gives me better control when using the horn. I've turned many horseshoes from barstock which means the arcs I put in hot steel have to be precise. I am also a strong advocate of whatever works easiest for the individual.
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