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  1. Thanks I'll do that in the future.
  2. Forged from a slice of outer bearing race. Brass is from the separator. Black paper marcata trim. Not sure the type of wood but I've had it laying around since the mid 90.
  3. Thanks. I twisted it two times to get it that tight of a pattern. I sure hope I get it right on the next one.
  4. This is a new way to finish that I've been playing around with. I almost threw the billet away because of the open weld. Glad I didn't.
  5. Yeah that cable is tricky stuff. This is my third attempt and the closet I've come to getting it right. I've been emailing James McClendon . Can't wait to start another one.
  6. I don't plan to sale it.
  7. Forged up some choker cable. It's got an open weld but it's not caused a problem . The handle is maple burl . I drilled the aluminum rod and inserted brass pins. Copper buss bar for the guard and a piece of black and silver dyamomd wood for the butt cap.
  8. Just finished this one. 4 different metals in 7 layers. Center is a band mill blade from a local sawmill . Then pure nickel , pallet banding and finally Choker cable . Not sure what the wood for the handle is but it finished out nice.
  9. Thanks guys. The blue is turquoise . You can order it from Jantz of Gun and Knife . I tried forging another piece of cable . And could only get to 2045° . I had to lengthen my forge out For the longer cable. Im using a brick pile forge so it's easier to adjust for size. I'm using a 3/4" Frosty T burner I built ....... So I picked up the parts to build a second one . I'm going to run it on its own propane tank . This gives me a lot of flexibility.
  10. Thanks . This really set the hook in me to do more. I picked up a bigger regulator so that should help with the open welds.
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