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  1. Thanks ,the mig gas was the tri gas. The real problem was the wire. It was corona weld 321 ,designed off all mild steel but it's a maintenance rod. Good for galvanize with out cleaning. Paint and oily metal. It try's to float everything to the top. The weld looked like a sponge. You guys warned me about not using a deep burning rod so I switched to stick 7018. The welds are so big because I used 5/32" rod. A big hole to fill
  2. Ok,sorry it took so long. I finally got a chance to do some work on it. I milled out each side with a 3/4" ball end mill. Then cut a slot ware the crack was. I tried mig on the inside first and that failed to bond well so I had to mill it all out again. I used 7018 and that worked much better. I still have to heat the hole area to get it to relax before I test it out. I have some picks of the steps. Wrought Is it's own animal. Machines very easily though. I want to thank every one for helping me. It would not have come out as well as it did ,thank you !!!
  3. Thanks every one. I will post pics , but I ran into a slight snag, this thing was coated in so much grease fore a very long time. I keep cleaning and grease keeps pouring out. I gotta make sure when I prep it that it's not going to get contaminated before I weld it. Grease also keeps pouring out of the crack.
  4. Thanks, I'm going to clamp it in the mill at lunch tomorrow and drill down with a 3/4" ball end mill. Making a half circle relief on each side of the crack. )( I'll try a 6010 root and follow up with the 7018. I will preheat and post heat the hole area after. Should I post heat both sides of the opening to get the hole thing to stress relieve. I mean the side that didn't crack.
  5. My new smithy, just got this up this year. 18x21 -7' outer walls and 10' 6" in the middle , I love all the open air. Just have to keep everything secure from walking, lol.
  6. Thanks, I would love to weld this and feel confident that all would be good but I have bin reading bad things about welding wrought. I can oxy aceteline weld, stick,tig,and mig. It's in a bad place and I don't want to make a bad situation worse with out checking with people who have structurally welded wrought iron. If it was hot rolled steel I would feel confident in the repair.
  7. I just bought this beautiful vice and under the crud I see this crack. I tightened the screw and it is amazing how much the loiter leg bends. I'm shire it's wrought. So wondering the best way to repair it. I really want to do work with this monster. Thanks!
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