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Norseman C.B.

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    Klamath Falls OR
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    Just a simple down to earth working dude for my GOD and my family
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    Huntin,Fishin,Ridin my Chopper in Progress and OH YEAH Bangin iron into tools and works of art
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  1. Been watching your U TUBE vids for a couple years and just now found you to be a member here.........Go figure  !!

    I guess I should look at this site more often.................:D



  2. Yeah that's the guy, If he's still around here shoot him a PM, I watched him develop the stuff in stages on this site and it looked good ....
  3. There was a guy on this site a couple years back that was making them and selling kits or whole assemblies, his handle was something duck or duck something ....
  4. Looks good Mike ....Gonna hafta see you some time soon, been awhile
  5. Hey Kid; when are you gonna fire up the forge you got from me ??? :P :D !!!
  6. Hey Mike ; Cool how that stuff works aint it ? ..How's things, I;m workin again WOO HOO !! :D
  7. Glad to see you on this forum, all your videos are inspiring and as Bryan said, MORE !!!!
  8. Hey Mikey I like it !! :D Gotta drive over an rattle yer chain soon .....
  9. I prefer function over form myself, if it works to fabricate it, do it !! My $.02
  10. Ditto, they look to be very well made round stock benders indeed.... On second thought they're lousy lookin scrap send them to me for disposal !!! ... :D
  11. HMMM .. Aparently my earlier post either didnt take or got pulled. I am a Humboldt native and millwrighted at So Coast Lumber in Brookings a couple of years before moving to Klamath Falls, Mike is a neighbor and mentor. The oil burner is my spin on the kwiky burner design I found at the Alloy Avenue Network web site, The test firing will be soon and I'll post pics of results, I think it would be a good shop heater too with a heat exchanger tube setup,Dang !! another project !! Cliff
  12. The ONLY dumb question is the one you DID'NT ask before you hurt yourself !!!! My $.02
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