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  1. I would NOT weld drum into top plate, i would bolt it in.... IF you ever have to change out drum or want to change forge design, bolts come apart easier than welds.... Here is how I did it.... Not saying it is a perfect design, but it works well for me and so far there is not much I would change .... Dale
  2. Simplistically it all sounds good..... But as the say , the devil is in the details.... Dale
  3. For the average "joe", probably Oxygen/Acetylene rig with big cutting tip..... If you have something similar to a 12 inch capacity cutoff saw (which most of us don't) that would work... Anything smaller is a exercise in futility.... Dale
  4. Excuse me!!!! Do not actually have to make anything (BUT I DO) to recognize something on verge of being reckless.... IF you don't want to be criticized quit posting these type of things and quit defending something that was pretty close to stupid and getting some one hurt.... You can not defend the action that all of us see, your mistake was not recognizing a problem and dealing with it but also going public with the foolish action .... I spend 38 years in "industry" and the place I worked had a rule, ANYBODY who saw something unsafe could SHUT DOWN ANY OPERATION if a unsafe condition was observes.... Don't yell "EXPERIENCE" to me!... Dale
  5. Don't think anybody that criticized actions of anvil is out of line ...The bobble and weave of anvil is some what disturbing.... At 43 second mark in video I would be inclined to stop and get better base for anvil.... Also in my mind anvil was a little small for such heavy striking.... Anyway glad nobody got hurt.... Dale
  6. Visit resale shops and look at hair driers kind of noisy but its a really cheap blower.... Other solution is visit HVAC shop and try to talk to boys in back... Might have small blower out of heater thet might work.... I also found a nice little blower on back of a dishwasher that was in junk pile.... 25mm is only about 1 inch... its pretty small.... You want volume but not much pressure... As size goes down, pressure has to go up to move same volume.... In my mind bigger tube is better.... Dale
  7. To those critical of my references to web sources of information... I have been on the web since its inception, and have logged hundreds of hours of research on various subjects.... Seems that the things I am specifically interested in have least information or least creditable information available... I chose to display these sources so people would know where my questions were based from... NOT to recommend or validate them.... I am a believer of researching things from many sources and hopefully making a intelligent or informed decision from all available information presented.... Even in this tread some of the abstract comments are valid proof on the lack of validity of information ... Some of the comments here ( in this set of message thread) have the same unsubstantiated information from vague sources that people critical of Wikipedia are expounding as truths.... So enough of the grumbling on the validity of the reference material and lets get to what people have actually used and what works for them... Dale it was wikipedia that caused the confussion between boraxo and borax, the point has been made, maybe some confusion could have been avoided by reading this pinned thread first
  8. Guess I should also not use GOOGLE or BING or manufacturers web site either.... Most times I have found Wikipedia to be accurate enough to at least get a handle on information I need and usually is accurate enough to set me off in a direction I can go to validate it at ANY OTHER SOURCE of information... Sorry if my reference material source does not conform to your standards.... Do you believe everything you see on Youtube? Respectful to your comment just the same... Dale
  9. Gads... Why couldn't I find this thread earlier, would have saved some bandwidth ...
  10. Ahem.... I already have this... Is not BORAXO and 20 Mule Team Borax not basically the same stuff? "20 Mule Team Borax" is 99.5 % "sodium tetraborate"... http://www.20muleteamlaundry.com/about/what-is-borax/ "Boraxo" is "sodium tetraborax decahydrate" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borax And anybody explain the difference? Dale This post was moved and added here from yet another thread.
  11. Anybody have any good home brew recipes for flux for forge welding... I am about to venture into this area and at the moment just have Boraxo hand soap available to me... Been told it is workable, and also it was mentioned the by adding salt to Borax it helps process ( but how much) .... Yes I know I can order many fluxes online but that is not what I want to do at the moment.... So what's your favorite mix of common household items ... Dale
  12. ACK!..... My secret is out..... Hi Jake.... Dale
  13. Odd... Because I can logged into Facebook and I still cant see it!!!! Dale
  14. No offense taken, but if one can building something on the fly such as I did, the "plan" changes as build progresses... I believe in the fact that one can adapt a design to fit his needs to what one has available in a somewhat limit source of supply.... I did not plan to build a coal/brake drum forge in beginning, I was experimenting with making gas burners for a gas fired forge when I happened by a pile of junk where that had a old gas water heater and some old furnaces, while I was intent on salvaging burners if they were adaptable I also realized junk pile also had the old gas BBQ and buried down in pile was brake drum.... Didn't take but a few second to completely change directions and concieve a plan for forge... Mental picture/plan of forge came blinding fast and didn't even need to put it on paper it was so simple... Construction followed only a couple days behind .... I guess my point is why spend hours engineering something and spend hours laboring over it if something that is quite acceptable may be sitting there staring you in the face, IE: Gas grill cart.... Now I am on the lookout for another gas grill base (many are not acceptable due to cheap construction) and am thinking of using plow disk as bowl similar to open hearth forge... Gas burner is still on shelf, propane tank and regulator in now in storage and I am happily heating steel.... IF I were to purchase everything new and follow precise plan, new coal forge or gas forge probably would have cost me $600-800... But I have less than $100 invested and it may not rival fancy "store bought" forge but it gets the metal just as hot... IF one wants to create a detailed drawing and buy all new materials and assemble with rigid adherence to master plan, its ok... But when every dime counts, I would rather spend the saved dimes (from adaptive construction) on tongs and hammers and books on blacksmithing, maybe even on a few lessons from a master... Dale
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