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  1. how did you taper down the 1" pipe, I'm looking to do the same to make sockets for wood handled fish spears?
  2. yeah, the prices went from $0.25 up to a $1.00 most were around 0.25 to 0.50 they didn't know what most of the tools were, the guy said his dad used to shoe horses.
  3. another $20.00 garage sale find, my wife is getting good at spotting tools I can use.
  4. I was excited it was to first sale I found this year with good tool. I had to stop myself I could have spend my paycheck there, they had a barn full stuff.
  5. I love going to estate sales in the summer, Just found some good tools all for $20.00 at an old farm just down the road from my house. its getting harder to find old tools but if you look there's still some good finds out there!!
  6. Here is a darkhouse spear I just finished testing I still have to clean up the welds and I think I'm going to get this one powder coated, because this ones all mine. B) The last pic is of a little one that wouldn't leave my decoy alone. :ph34r:
  7. a trident would have three tines, and the fish are pike they get spear though the ice from a darkhouse, which lets you see below.
  8. I just finished my second darkhouse spear. I also forged a new set of tines for my heavy duty spear. I ended up welding in the wedge because it was giving me some trouble but it works great now.
  9. I have lots of wrought iron from the farm and spikes from narrow guage trackes. The main train line is still in use and most of the nicer spikes are steel. My grandparents land has a old set od narrow guage track that the tracks were removed but they left every thing else and it all wrought iron. for about 1/2 mile. We used to walk the lane and use the spike to climb trees when I was a kid now I go out in the wood to find the old trees for the spikes. :D
  10. Yes I found them along the woods and a ditch by the tracks as I was bird hunting last fall.
  11. We have three old farms on our land, and the frist logging train north stopped here for the winter around 1876 till they build tracks so we have the first train stop and saw mill sites on our land and the things that were build out of need and because there was no town, you just started building it, were ruff and crude, but were build to do the job at hand, they hold a simple beauty of there own, and each craftsman put his own little details in the working tools of there trades.
  12. This is the first thing a made from a RR spike and it was a chrismas preasent for my Dad last year. He has watched them made by smith a few times and has always wanted one, and I made a knife to match. I left it ruff to look more like something the settlers would use. The handle I had around, but the hole in the axe is tapered for a hawk handle, I just run out of time to make one. Thanks for taken a look, He loved them, so I thought I'd share.
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