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  1. Thanks. Yes, as with all tongs, you will need them in different sizes. This pair is for 25-45mm stock range roughly.
  2. Thanks. Yes for toughness. I hope they will hold up fairly good.
  3. Hello! I have seen Nathan Robertson use this style of tongs and finally decided to give them a try. If you're interested and can handle another tongs video, here is my first try on this style. They seem quite versatile! I haven't tried them out much yet but time will tell how well they work...
  4. I've been following your work on Youtube, and I've just started an account here.  I was so excited when I saw your tools thread and then recognized your tools and videos from Youtube.  I will certainly be following your work here as well!  I can't wait to start posting my own journey as a blacksmith!

  5. Thanks Senft and Dustin. More videos will come in the future, I promise.
  6. Thanks. Yes I've been a member for quite a while, but not very active since last year or so.
  7. Cool !! Yes, there are many design possibilities from this basic concept. I may have to try something like yours as well!
  8. Hi, I made this video earlier back in September but forgot to post it here. Here I show how to make a simple touchmark stamp. With a steady hand and a dremel you might manage to do quite complex designs, I just use files for this one.