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  1. That is not bad at all! I like it! /Torbjörn
  2. Been watching your U TUBE vids for a couple years and just now found you to be a member here.........Go figure  !!

    I guess I should look at this site more often.................:D



  3. Could you give me a few dimensions of your power hammer that you went over on YouTube?  I want to build one based on it and could use some basic sizes to get started.

  4. Thanks. Yes, as with all tongs, you will need them in different sizes. This pair is for 25-45mm stock range roughly.
  5. Thanks. Yes for toughness. I hope they will hold up fairly good.
  6. Hello! I have seen Nathan Robertson use this style of tongs and finally decided to give them a try. If you're interested and can handle another tongs video, here is my first try on this style. They seem quite versatile! I haven't tried them out much yet but time will tell how well they work...
  7. I've been following your work on Youtube, and I've just started an account here.  I was so excited when I saw your tools thread and then recognized your tools and videos from Youtube.  I will certainly be following your work here as well!  I can't wait to start posting my own journey as a blacksmith!

  8. Thanks Senft and Dustin. More videos will come in the future, I promise.
  9. Thanks. Yes I've been a member for quite a while, but not very active since last year or so.
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