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  1. That makes a lot of sense. I was on the fence about it, but I think I'll give it a shot. Is there a guide on here on how to use it? Is it the Forges 101 guide?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Yeah I have a propane tank I'm working on now. Hard to find time to work on it now since I'm working nights. I have one question about my forge. Can I build it without using kaowool? I'm concerned about using it. Maybe I'm misinformed, but after reading some stuff about it, I'd rather build my forge without it. Could I get to welding temps without it?
  3. John thank you so much for letting me know about that event. I learned a lot watching different smiths and got some ideas on how to construct my forge. My favorite was the guy that did the decorative twisting, and the guy making nails. I hate I didn't get to meet you in person, and thank you. Thanks Allan
  4. I'm mainly interested in making knives right now. I've been experimenting with a forge that I made, but after looking at some of the forges on here, I can see that I need to make a better one. Some of the tools I have access to are a milling machine, lathe, and welder. I'm no master fabricator, but I've been teaching myself to weld, and my dad is a machinist. We made a burner that works pretty well, but it is only one burner and I feel that for the size I have it at now that I need a second burner. I'm sorry I don't have the dimensions on my forge, but I will get them. As to the cons
  5. Hello, My name is Allan Hoyle, and I'm a beginning blacksmith. I took a beginner railroad spike knife class, and it has fueled me to learn, and start making things. I am eager to learn, and will do my best to research before posting a new topic. Thanks
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