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  1. All I can say is look at this...........
  2. I would assume ( you know what that means ) That if you can draw a full vacuum in a glass bell jar then you should be able to do it in a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers generally run a 15 lb psi on their highest end at sea level. I don't know if you are at sea level or not ,but if you are the HIGHEST pressure you'll be able to exert on the outside of the container is 14.7 psi. The pressure of the atmosphere.If your elevation is above sea level then even less. PS There is a fellow on YT that stabilizes his wood for handles in a mason jar!
  3. j.w.s.

    Hey doc, do you have pics of the controls you and Ciladog built for the bull hammer? The thread is missing them and I would like some control inspiration for my latest build. :)



  4. I'd be interested in what the braking system is on this hammer? It seems to stop with the tup up almost all the time.
  5. This is the method I would use and is really the only economical method for a small shop or small run of parts. My 2 cents
  6. You can also find a VFD on ebay large enough to run your hammer. Probably cheaper than most rotary phase converters.
  7. I have no way to up load a drawing...sorry. But think of it this way, if all you had was a piece of 1/4" x 2" x 8" how would you derive that form if you couldn't forge weld but had a hot chisel? I'm not saying by the way that size material is what you should start with for this particular project. It's just an example from which could could make the general form desired.
  8. If forge welding is going to be an issue, why not split a wider bar and draw out the bottom leg?
  9. Steve sells, It seems NATKOVA's English maybe better than your's considering it's your native language :) Or perhaps it's just because you were trying to beat Frosty to the punch? :)
  10. I've bent antler with boiling water and a little vinegar. I don't know what or if the vinegar does if anything but it was what I was given as instructions. Clamp the antler between plates, vise whatever to straighten. Have it hot,well soaked so the heat is all the way through and go SLOWLY. Keep a sharp eye out for beginning cracks and reheat if they start to appear.
  11. For a hobbyist you can get into tig with scratch start and a DC buzz box. Not very expensive, especially if you by the buzz box on CL or at a yard sale.
  12. Here is where to get your info.
  13. doc

    Bronze welding rod

    The flux can probably be chipped off by lightly hammering and wire brushing in that order. As far as forging try a piece and find out.