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  1. Good evening gents how fortunate of me to just find this thread. I just took possession of a good amount of D2, for which my questions were answered but i also got some A2, S7 and 4140. I'm figuring the 4140 for hammers and drifts, S7 for chisels but don't know what to do with A2. Any and all guidance and corrections to proper use of these materials is much appreciated. I'm just a noob and don't have a tempering oven. Thank you much
  2. I just assumed that the higher voltage would be friendlier on the motor but like I said I'm elictrically challenged. So there's no advantage to switching voltage? Thank you
  3. I don't know the years. The main difference I see are the tracking mechanics and the square tool arm vs round tool arm.
  4. You have the BIII right? I got the previous model the Bench Model BM-2, it doesn't take square arms, it takes 3/4" round arms, the arms aren't adjustable front to back, they mount on a swivel plate that pivots by using a screw mounted to the front of the frame and that's how tracking of the belt is handled. Motor is single speed 2hp wired 110. Since I have 208 in my shop I'm considering rewiring or if I find the type of mount switch to a vfd configuration even though I'm electricity challenged
  5. Fair enough. it would be great to see what other people have done with that grinder but like I said, I haven't had much luck with research on the web. hopefully my investment wasn't a foolhardy one. thank you
  6. Thanks J I have reached out to them and they've been very forthcoming with information. I'm just a glutton for information and was looking for aftermarket tooling availability as I couldn't find much information on this specific grinder on the web. Bader seems to be a remarkably upstanding company but their website is really subpar. Hopefully someone has information for me. thank you all Sérgio
  7. I just got the aforementioned grinder. Is there anyone making aftermarket parts or adapters that would bring this grinder up to date with is younger brother the BIII? Any and all help is much appreciated and thank you in advance for your time. In addition what is the type of frame motor that Bader uses? Sérgio "Portugee" blacksmith wannabe Black Mutt Forge Altamonte Springs, Fl
  8. I've used that document like a users manual, awesome detailed info. The oil I use is, to the best of my limited knowledge, similar to the type recommend.
  9. Bought used. Haven't been able to locate manufacturers, striker hammers in Us went out of business way before I acquired the machine. Thank you, I'll try a lighter oil. What weight oil does your Anyang use?
  10. Good afternoon all When the hammer is turned on the tup stays down and the dies are touching each other. Is there a way to set the idle so that the ram is at its top position? I've used it as is for a bit now but as i advance, crawl really, towards more knowledge i would like my equipment to perform at it's peak. Thank you in advance for all the help and guidance provided. Sergio Black Mutt Forge Altamonte Springs, Fl
  11. Portuguese


    A very Merry Christmas to all and a splendid New Year, my wishes from the Black Mutt Forge here in sweltering Florida. And now in my native tongue- Um Feliz Natal e Prospero Ano Novo. Sergio "Portuguee" Blacksmith Wannabe Black Mutt Forge Altamonte Springs- Florida
  12. The Beast is finally installed and running. My goal next is to use it to make various forms of tooling for itself. if you have any suggestions please fell free to toss them my way. I benefit immensely from your combine generosity and expertise, this last one i lack royally... If you are ever in the central Florida area shoot me a line and you're more than welcome to visit my humble set up. Sérgio
  13. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!!!! And now in Portuguese: Feliz Natal e um Próspero Ano Novo para ti e os teus!!! Thank you all for your generosity!!!!
  14. Thank you all for the replies. It seems that Uship is the easiest/best way to handle this. The Blacksmith Express was the best price/convenience. :) A road trip with subsquent stop around Rhode Island to pick up a screw press is also a nice dream. Once again, thank you for your input. Portuguese Black Mutt Forge Altamonte Springs, Florida
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