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  1. Plugging at it

    Hello All

    Thank you for the advice, the anvil has moved around some. I’ll put more thought into it. If I know myself as well as I think I do, it will be less than a day after the meet before I try.
  2. Plugging at it

    Hello All

    Thank you. I believe all talented craftsmen are a pleasure to watch, and, it’s blacksmithing. That may lead me down another path...... I don’t have to worry about too many steps to the anvil or vise.
  3. Plugging at it

    Wolf jaw bolt tong hybrid

    Here’s where I ended up when I posed myself the same question. I am no blacksmith, and have never purchased tongs, or used commercial tongs, so have nothing to compare them to. I find that this pair can hold to 3/16 to 1/2 inch stock without having to stretch my grip I don't believe the serrations do anything, though the in line groove on the small jaw helps stabilize smaller stock when held straight out the jaws. I find these tongs agreeable for making hooks and other small items that the stock changes in dimension and shape , good grip without having to switch tongs , and plenty of room for things to hang out the side. I had posted my first pair of these and was advised to put the cross slot on the larger jaw. Advice taken and utilized, with good results.
  4. Plugging at it

    Hello All

    Good afternoon from North Thetford ,Vermont. It all started with the brother in law wanting to make knives. I never knew what a little air and charcoal could do to a file. He left the craft before even starting. I unfortunately got hooked. No knives mind you, I witnessed all the frustration. I floundered and bled and burned myself and read a book or two. Then I realized that the best information I found web surfing was usually at IFI. Then I set to absorbing as much as I could here. I did hit my first hammer in last fall at Ben’s Mill in Vermont and plan to make the New England Blacksmiths spring meet. A couple pictures of my whomping coop. The coop for the chickens that I was only to use one winter to cover my tools(four years ago). The chickens ended up with a different coop, although they do visit. Thank You to all who share on this site . Sid
  5. Plugging at it

    13th,14th and 15th ish pair of tongs

    Thank you. I have many pairs of ugly tongs. I didn’t know tongs aren’t for beginners until I found IFI. I had to stop and do some skill building for a while. Now I use tongs for skill building. These are retired for safety reasons.
  6. Your wife tells you there’s a present in the car after you unload the groceries. Not too bad for $10.
  7. Plugging at it

    13th,14th and 15th ish pair of tongs

    Loosely inspired by Brazeal ultimate tongs. I find they grip a wider range of stock sizes and shapes without adjustment. They grip well as the stock changes size and around bumps and curves. All mild steel, 1/2 & 5/8 round. Slowly but surely the forging improves.
  8. Plugging at it

    Just had to try

    Thank you. I believe I'll do that, once I figure out the how without making a mess of things.
  9. Plugging at it

    Just had to try

    I've been following the tong section lately. This is my attempt to put this newly gathered info and skills practice together. The blanks were 5/8 round. The first thing they got after the picture is another trip to the fire to bring the inner jaw up and in at the nose to fit 3/16 round. Very grippy. Very versatile.
  10. Plugging at it

    Light spring swages

    I thank the curmudgeons for recommending Weygers, for style and hold down.He suggests leaf spring, I have found that mild is far less work for a prototype sort of tool. When the time comes... I thank you for your kind words also.
  11. Plugging at it

    Light spring swages

    Thank you, and thanks to all who have shared on this site and others. I haven't been able to take any classes or get to meets, yet. IFI has been an excellent resource, and I have an even greater respect for those folks who taught themselves pre- internet.
  12. Plugging at it

    Light spring swages

    A few new helpers and a thingy to hold them down. All mild, 1/4x3/4 and 1x3/4. The ball swage needs some love as you can see. A little practice run to learn a bit before I go for tool steel for material. All in all a very productive weekend, pair and a half of tongs too! ( I'm real slow, learning it all as I go.)
  13. Plugging at it

    First project

    May I suggest the Abana Curriculum. Controlled Hand Forging. It certainly helped me after thrashing about for Eighteen months.
  14. Plugging at it


    Hello Everyone, first posting for me. Thanks to all for the wealth of information shared here. Frosty posted something about rope and hammer and bungee cords... I think I can work with this. I tried it out with a flatter today. Finally, that third hand.