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  1. saturday november 10 the njba will hold an anvil repair workshop the cost of the work shop is $120 and is open to all njba members you are also free to join the day of the event if you would like more info feel free to message me .
  2. glad you likes the workshop jack we are planning another work shop soon
  3. hello the njba will be having an event at Walnford Park on October 7th if you would like more info please fell free to message me jose torres
  4. wasent the blacksmith from little house a bad guy ?
  5. Dragonslayer a great movie from the 80's had a cool blacksmith in it he forged a spear to kill a dragon.
  6. well i think you can just use a hair dryer till you get a real one
  7. Hey man how the hell are you.

  8. thats a great looking knife so much better then my first
  9. those are really cool mind if i use the snail i have been wanting to make some snakes and stuff and that snail rocks
  10. thanks for the help guys i think i will go with the hacksaw and file i have both and know how to use them .
  11. hi i am starting my first stock removeal knife and i dont know the difference between a Jeweler's Hand Saw and a copingsaw a need something that will cut out rounded shapes by hand i know i can file it but maybe a saw might be a little faster ?
  12. hey welcome aboard what part of new jersey you in i live in collingswood near cherry hill i am a menber of the njba and we meet on mondays in howell nj for weekly meets its a good group to join.
  13. hi Alkelei i live in camden county near cherry hill please check out our group its the njba we have weekly meets open forge nights and we do fairs all over jersey the njba is a great place to get to practice smithing