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  2. What kind of Motor is it? Voltage? Amperage?
  3. Has anyone had any luck with this company? I called them and asked for a motor for my 2x72 sander and they recommend a motor that I went ahead and ordered. After getting the motor and installing it I now see that the motor bogs down and has no torque it comes to a stop as soon as I put metal on the belt. I have called and left 3 voicemails since Monday, and I have sent a few email to customer service and no one will respond. i feel like they just hope I go away. After spending almost $400 You would think they would try to help resolve this, especially since it’s what they recommend. if anyone has a good company that I can get a motor from (with better customer service) please let me know. thanks for your help.
  4. First I would start by drawing them.. I would find a proper form and see what actually makes a great scroll great.. (home work).. (The Golden Means spiral) Then I would draw them till my eye can see the shape I want to have in the scroll.. It doesn't have to be very large but one has got to see the way the scroll opens from the center smoothly and in a controlled fashion.. I did a few half penny snub end scrolls for a "Video How to".. But the footage was corrupt on one of the cameras.. Never got made.. There are some great suggestions Frosty, Anvil, Arftist.. This spiral can be adjust some some what.. If you are merely looking to put a finial on the end of a pointed bar that can be different because the finial is the center piece and the rest of the spiral moves around this ..
  5. Mr. D. Soldat, Why am I not surprised that that you saw a sycamore tree in Kelowna B.C. I would not be too surprised if some one was growing orchids, outdoors in the Okanagan valley. I suspect that the climate is considered sub-tropical, in some secluded places, there You might try to contact a local woodworkers club, and ask them where you could find some osage orange. Good luck with it. SLAG.
  6. Where’s a good place to buy these? Anyone have a distributor or source near Arkansas?
  7. I had to set traps to get mine,three just last year.a 2 bore would do a number on the meat lol. I try to give mine away to people that will eat them. Here is a pic of the destruction they can do. Picture was taken after filling in the burrow we are glass. The hole was 4 feet deep.
  8. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great day indeed.. Now we can say congrats.. I will be really curous as to which give/gave you better forging results.. It's great Kanca came thru.. Peddinghaus (Rigid) I heard was absolutely a chicken on it's head kind of affair.. I'm so excited for you..
  9. In about a week I will have the opportunity to purchase a Little Giant 25# trip hammer, New Style, number H-6161, manufactured in Mankato, Minnesota. While I have done some searching and reading online, and this forum, I still have a few questions. From what I can tell in the pictures, the hammer does not look rebuilt. Are these type of hammers electric, I have read that they are, but would like some clarification? Is this hammer one speed, or can I control how fast/hard the hammer hits? How large of stock does it fit, I have heard it will work on steel up to 2"? What do I need to look out for when I check the condition of the hammer during the auction? How much should I consider bidding for the hammer? Is there anything else I should know? Since this may be my first hammer purchase, I want to make sure I have all of my bases covered before I invest in something this big.
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  12. Does the temptation include a round trip plane ticket? Grinding belts have their own behaviors, sometimes good other times ruinous. For example; you can't do a decent job of sharpening lathe cutters and drill bits on a belt. The belt bunches up and blunts the edge however if you drag it the belt makes a wire edge and ruins the edge angles. Grinding lengthwise on the platen means the belt is in hard contact for a longer time and you have to apply more pressure for the same effectiveness. Of COURSE more heat builds in the work. Grinding lengthwise on a wheel is a different matter, a good way for guys with little experience like me to make even cheeks and bevels. Part of the reason I took the collaboration Seax from Theo is I built a new tool and needed to learn a new skill. I can sharpen machine tools, but I'd never done more to a blade than clean up damaged bevels and finish with a stone. I've managed to hammer one valuable lesson into my hard head already. Too weak a motor increases the probability of screwing things up. Every time you place a blade against the belt there's a risk of missing or bobbling and ending up with a dip to have to clean up. That Seax is going to have a bobble in it, I've screwed it up enough. Frosty The Lucky.
  13. Another reason for the medial ridge on the underside of the horns of anvils from Mousehole Forge (aka The Undisputed King of Anvils): better aerodynamics!
  14. I once was forging out of a collapsing chicken coop that had a thin concrete wash over the dirt floor and had terrible ground hog issues, I used my small cannon to fix them (2" bore). IIRC I've posted that story here before.
  15. That's not exactly true. It should be: "Rebar might make a good knife...or it might not...or it might make a knife that's good in spots and bad in others..."
  16. It does indeed, as it's easier to make long pieces to be rolled up. Vellum or parchment, on the other hand, while acceptable for scrolls, is more suited to making codices. Worth noting that both papyrus and vellum scrolls are best turned COLD.
  17. If you really, really want/need to use salvaged steel, talk to your mechanic about getting a coil spring, preferably as new as possible (to avoid the microcracks that come from wear and that can cause a blade to shatter in heat treatment or -- which is worse -- in use). If you have decent tongs, cut the spring into appropriately sized chunks; if you don't, straighten out a 24"-36" section to hold by hand. This I can affirm, to my lasting regret. Exactly.
  18. That's perhaps the ugliest anvil I've ever seen! Congrats on your anti-theft device!!
  19. That's the one I was thinking of Thomas. If I were young, ambitious and lacked what little sense I have I'd be thinking about picking up an old double deck bus and making an anvil motor home. Frosty The Lucky.
  20. JHCC: Rebar used for letter openers — but who gets letters to open anymore? Das: Just bills. I prefer to open those with a paper shredder
  21. Maybe I didn't mention it but I turn scrolls hot as well. Fine tuning them cold if it's a close correction works well. It saves on clean up and minimizes the chance of over corrections and getting stuck on THAT yo yo. Frosty The Lucky.
  22. Thank you I can understand that. They are to dismaler to be good practice.
  23. You're welcome, my pleasure. Please include us in your fun, your first attempts are better than some of my "practiced successes." Frosty The Lucky.
  24. Me too but I don't get many postage paid envelops anymore. <sigh> Frosty The Lucky.
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