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  1. Thanks Neil and ausfire for you kind words, I hope you can visit one day. :)
  2. Thankyou! I'm researching metal trees around the world. If you know of any others- particularly those made by blacksmiths- I'd be grateful for any information. So far I've found the trees of the Olympic Park in Seattle, the Tree of Happiness in Ukraine, the weeping willow in Budapest, the Tree at the Narrows USA and a couple of others.
  3. Hi Dale, belated thanks for finding the Millennium Tree. I keep getting asked about it, now I have a photo and know where it is. Much appreciated. :)
  4. This is a call out to any experienced TIG welders in the Melbourne area. We're currently assembling the intricate canopy of the Tree (over 3000 leaves!) and are aiming to have this part finished by October. Problem is, we're short some good TIG welders. If you've got some experience with TIG and can spare some time out in Whittlesea to help out, we'd love to have you. We're welding there every weekend and any weekday people are available. Some evenings too. TIG welding machines (courtesy of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association), auto-darkening masks, gloves and leather aprons supplied. Lunch supplied on weekends. It's a nice place to work, we're having a lot of fun but we need more hands on deck! Please call Amanda: 0431 795 099 if you can help, thanks!
  5. A few years ago there was a tree made by blacksmiths in Poland where blacksmiths from around the world contributed leaves representing their country. Canadian blacksmiths made maple leaves, Australian blacksmiths made gum leaves etc. I think it was called the Tree of Friendship. I've recently been asked for the name of the town where this tree is, but I have no idea. Does anyone know? And does anyone have a picture of it?
  6. Thankyou to all the wonderful smiths of I Forge Iron! We've just officially ended our online funding campaign for the Tree Project and there's a lot of people around here who are pretty happy right now. The support of this online community is very significant as I Forge Iron was the birthplace of the Tree Project. I've been talking to members of the fire affected community today and they are touched that it was one of the first blacksmiths who discussed the Tree on this forum in 2009 and sent leaves to Australia that made the pledge to get us to our target. The way crowdfunding works is that if your project does not reach it's target by the end, you get no funding, so this is pretty important to us. Thankyou Richard (the incredible), Jeremy (for those fabulous corkscrews!), Dale, Bruce, Ted for your kind words and everyone who spread the word. You've made the Tree a reality. Hope to see a few of you here in Australia when we've put it all together. It's a good feeling to know it's full steam ahead with the assembly of the Tree. Right now, just behind me in the Tree Project studio, two volunteer photographers are photographing some of the international leaves before they get packed up for welding. Next week we move in trestle tables to our welding factory and we'll start welding in the New Year. The trunk of the Tree will be coming down to Melbourne from Albury in the New Year also. Warm wishes, Amanda If you'd like to keep updated on the progress of the Tree and you're not on our e-newsletter mailing list, please email me your name and email address and I'll make sure you get our newsletter. Email to: [email protected]
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  8. And another note, if you've sent us a leaf and it's in our Leaf Gallery with incorrect details, please let me know, I'm the person that fixes all that. We've had a great response from people here who have seen the gallery of leaves blacksmiths from around the world have sent us- some people have been moved to tears. So, thankyou for lending us your time and skills for this project, it means a great deal to the people affected by the Black Saturday fires who are still rebuilding their homes and lives.
  9. Hi, just an update on the Tree Project; we've just received the second draft of structural diagrams from our engineers tonight, which means we're getting closer to forging the trunk and main branches. Watch this space! We've also sent out hundreds of images of leaves to all the people (mainly from the fire affected aresa) who have sponsored leaves for the project and got some great responses. Here are a couple of them: Congratulations to yourself and everyone who has involved themselves to date in such a momentous and meaningful project; I am happy to have played a very, very small part in it.—Cathy Thank you for the photo. The dedication of you and your fellow blacksmiths is absolutely astounding. I wish you well in your endeavours to complete this project. It was an honour to come to Victoria and assist communities such as yours. Cheers,—Ian A. Firefighter, Dural Rural Fire Brigade Well done on creating what will be a moving tribute to all those who lost their lives and the loved ones left behind.—Marie-Claire We're still looking for businesses or community groups to help sponsor branches on the tree to help us with installation and site costs, so if you can help out, there's a sponsorship form here: Sponsorship form Now, when I figure out how to upload images I'll post a couple of piccies of the branches that have been put together. I've also got a photo of the terrific forged corkscrew Jeremy K sent me. (Thanks, I love it!) Warm wishes, Amanda (Who deals with the council, organises forging and leaf sorting days, takes photos and does all the non-blacksmithing stuff because I couldn't forge a decent leaf to save myself.)
  10. Hi, this is Amanda, Paul's (Quang0's) partner-in-crime. I've been involved in the Tree Project since Salty started the ball rolling, creating the Tree Project website and photographing the leaves coming in and writing the press releases. There's a couple of things I'd like to say to all the blacksmiths who have contributed: Firstly, things have been horrible here. Over 7000 people have lost their homes and over 200 perished in the fires. The land is black with dead trees and remains of people's houses, some with coroner's notices and flowers indicating where people have died. I have been working at a local relief centre and seen the people who have lost everything, including their children. Many local people have approached me with tears in their eyes to thank the blacksmiths for this incredible project. The leaves you are all forging and sending to us are making a huge impact here. Thankyou so much for giving your time and skills to this project. Also, I would like to thank Salty for starting the project and his continued enthusiasm, his gorgeous gumleaves and his hounding the local media to give us some publicity. Strine, Quang0 and Rick for coming along to the Hildebrand Festival and spreading the news to the local people here about the project and helping Salty out at the Warrandyte Show. If you haven't heard, we're allowing people to sponsor a leaf, to be made on their behalf by a blacksmith and stamped with their name. Many people are having leaves made on behalf of their family or in memory of someone who died in the fires. One of the things I noticed at these demonstrations is how amazed people are at the fact that blacksmiths around the world are involved. Local people who were born in England, America, Holland and New Zealand are so proud that their countrymen are supporting the people here. I'll be updating the website soon with a new leaf gallery, a sponsorship page and an email newsletter. I'll let you know when it's done. Thanks again for your incredible support for this project. Amanda
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