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New shop


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This is the start of a new shop.
Holes being drilled for a new 30"X36" pole barn.

Before you get too far into this project, I hope you will reconsider the size. That seems very small, even a hobbit would have trouble working inside that little thing.:D Of course it will be the size of an outhouse, and those have uses in the boonies too:rolleyes:
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Talked to my builder today and agreed we couldn"t get 12 holes in a 30"X36" so we expanded to 30'X36' LOL

The builder I'm working for has a couple of guys to keep busy, so they set 8 of 12 posts today. Trusses come friday or monday then they will put a metal roof on.
I'll side it as I have time and funds. That will be a slow process.

Mike you are welcome anytime just give me a call when you're coming over, I'm real close to 140 and 62.

It was too dark to get pics by the time I got home but will add some soon.

Thanks for all of your interest, I'm excited and it's a lot more fun when i can share.


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Element, no worries the posts are treated, set 3' in the ground and in concrete. The building in the back ground is whats left of a huge old hay barn, made with hand hewn beams. Sadly it was left without an adequate roof and had to come down due to rot.
I saved this little portion and am building the new shop 8' this side of it and will join them in the future.

tech413, the roof should go up quickly but the walls and floor etc. will be slow.

No work today but trusses tomorrow. Pics to follow.


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Part of the reason for the shop is to restore one or two of those old '49-'52 Chevys.
One of those 4 is complete and will be running with minimal effort, the others are parts trucks.
I have one more that is disassemled and will come back as a Hot Rod.
I guess the bottom line is I have time or money but never at the same time. As I get older I think I might have more time and hopefully the parts, place to do the cars and the forging. I've managed to get most of the tools I need through the years, but you can never have too many tools or too much knowledge.

The roof should be done next week if the guys don't get pulled off to another job. Then the siding will be left to me and it'll get real slow.

Thanks for looking

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I did a lot searching on the net for pole barn construction, and I see a lot of existing barns in my work (electrician).

A builder I work for has built a lot of these and assured me this is the cheapest way to go, and I agree after pricing other methods.

Be happy to answer any questions I can.


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