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I Forge Iron

Found in Texas

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I noticed a junk shop just north of Lufkin,Tx.. And this old man has a little bit of everything in there. lots of Tongs. Forges, Forge Tables with the big wheel you crank and a bunch of Post vises, plus no telling how many old hand Crank blower's.
the place is called Paul Nerren's Junk " he's got a lot of that"
its located north of Lufkin, on I -59 Phone number is. 936-632-2580

He's got a old Anvil . that don't have a base its got a hole that goes thru it.
he wants two hundred for it..
I'm going to stop in there again tomorrow and I'll take some picture's to put on here... if you go by there or share this info with someone be sure and Mention I Forge Iron...













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Hey WagonMaster those are some of my favorite places...I always have to be careful not to cause an accident when I find a new one and I hit the brakes and do a u-turn. You never know what you will find! Even an old anvil without a base can be used for many things. Can't wait to see the pics.

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I've been to this place, about 4yrs ago. What's really amazing is that there IS order to this place. If you noticed, the vises are in a general area, same with blowers, forges, anvils, bed frames, and so on and so forth! Now why he doesn't have all the blacksmith related items in one general area is beyond me....Guess it's the same as in the Big Box stores, they don't put the milk, bread, sugar, butter, and beer close together either!:) The first vise you show...is that an 8" jaw?, if so, then it was there back in '04! He wanted $200.00US for it then, yes, I tried to get him to come down but he pulled out a book with a BRAND NEW one for $700-800 and said "I can get my $200." Wife and I spent nearly 5hrs there just looking. It's less than 100miles from here, just can't get down there tho. Fun place to go tho!

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The Old man told me the Big Post vise wasn't for sale.. I'm thinking that he may have sold it to someone on payments. Not sure.. But I'm looking forward to going back there, I seen something there that is going home with me next time I'm there. Unless someone gets it before I get there.

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Be still my throbbing heart! Lufkin is only about 2 hours from where I live! I have to check it out but if he is one of those folks who plans to retire on one big sale, forget it. It will rusted beyond use in a year or two in East Texas. I went to a flea market in Winne, TX, down on the coast. One of the permanent vendors had a BIG blower for sale but it was rusted up tight. No telling how long it laid there in the mud. If you want the best price for the stuff, you need to take care of it.

BTW, Google Earth shows the place on Daniel McCall Drive next to I59 but SOUTH of Lufkin.

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OK after driving over the speed limit...........just a bit, from Reynosa Mexico to Lufkin Texas salivating at the thought of pawing through a junk stash. I arrived 30 minutes before closing time, maybe I would stay in Lufkin overnight and search in the next morning before heading home. NOPE Paul Nerren's is CLOSED on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. Guess I'll have to go back in July on my way back to MX.

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What a tease! Why do you taunt us so? At least now I know where all the stuff from around here has gone to. Let's see... Lufkin is how far from here?

Courtesy of Yahoo Maps - Trip distance: 1655.302663.8 mi Time: 26 hrs 11 mins. So if I leave now and stop once for coffee...

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Well, I normally don't open up on Sunday, my day off and I'll be going back through there in July with a much larger vehicle. I hate asking people on their day off to work, doesn't matter how far I traveled. I guess I should have called ahead.

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Looking on craigslist I envy you New England folk.

Antique Blacksmith Tools

Having a devil of a time here in SW Texas finding blacksmithing tools on CL or ebay for reasonable prices. With the exception of a small stock swage tool I "found" a few weeks ago everyone here seems to hold onto what they have.

Going to Mexico soon ("old" Mexico) hoping to find tools factories have forgotten. Living on the border has some advantages however scrounging old tools is not one of them as they are still being used. Goes to show how quality is timeless. I'll let you know if I end up humping any 200# anvils over the border and how my back turns out.

-Grant (originally from CT)

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forgot to mention where I'm from
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