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  1. A group of us in SC bought a dump trailer load from this place in VA.several years ago. Its was good coal. I don't know what it would cost to get it to you. Monger Coal & Oil Inc 600 Mount Hermon Rd Elkton, VA 22827 540-298-1256
  2. I use and old Makita two speed sander/buffer with a wire cup. Put is on the slower buffing speed...not near as scary as an angle grinder.
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    could put it on the floor for upsetting. Definitely useful as is
  4. I think that is your best option. Let us know how it works and of course take pictures.
  5. Build a side draft like this and you will have no problem with the smoke. Only problem is you will need to go straight up through the roof. I built mine like this and it works great. There is a thread on here about the Hofi style side draft that might work better for you.
  6. Charcoal comes from wood. Coke comes from coal. Charcoal as we are referring to it is wood that has been burned until it forms coals and then it's extinguished. I've never used it but i do plan try it sometime.
  7. In my opinion go watch someone demonstrate forge welding that explains it well as he is doing it. That is when it started to make sense to me. I don't look for the sparks. I try to watch the surface of the metal. You can see when the surface of the metal begins to get molten. That is when I know i have reached welding heat. The metal will be white hot and the surface looks like it is greasy or runny. Sometimes I see some sparks and sometimes very little sparks at all. Coke or coal doesn't matter but forge welding with a fairly new fire that hasn't had time to make a lot of clinker helps. If you have been forging for a few hours you might need to stop and clean the clinker out and then get ready to forge weld. I'm still not that good at it either but hope practice will help with that.
  8. You can search on Google books and download Volume 2(12 issues). That could help you decide if you want to buy the ones on Ebay
  9. I used high temp RTV silicon to pour bearings in a blower I was rebuilding. Just give it a day to cure.
  10. nice...just curious how much are you getting for them?
  11. Nothing too fancy but this is one I made
  12. I'm right handed and keep mine to the right but i have been told i'm bass ackwards anyway.
  13. I was wondering if you are using quick connectors for the air hose. Most of the common connectors are 1/4 inch. If you went to a 1/2 hose with a 1/2 quick connector you would see a huge difference.
  14. I have a lot of it. Mine is about 3/16 x 3/4 flat in 12 ft lenths. It came from Cresent Tool Co and i was told it was used to make Vise Grip pliers. Not sure if that is right or not
  15. Put everyhthing on stands so you can stand up. I've watched blacksmith in Africa that work on the ground and sit while hammering.
  16. Really enjoyed watching the video. I guess he got by with it all his life but it made me wince to see him work with the hardy still in place.
  17. Working over the rounded horn of the anvil can help speed up the drawing out process.
  18. Makes me wonder what kind of metal it is assuming you know how to draw it out
  19. Looks great..I have one question. I notice the top die is held on with a piece that slips over the hammer and a bolt through it. Do you have any problem with it striking the hammer guide tube on the upswing when running at full speed? I know my hammer goes up inside the guide a little at full speed. Just curious. Nice job though it looks great.
  20. That's really cool... great work and design. I too would worry about the thieves.