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Shop tour anyone?

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This is the little shop I work out of, it was constructed out of a car port, poured a floor, framed it in, and rough cut lumber sided it. Shop is 10 x 26 foot inside.

The flue is power drafted, there is a piece of conduit piped off the fan and gently bent at long radius to go up the flue, the one shot is looking in the flue from the bottom showing the inductor pipe. It blows about how hard you can blow by puckering up and blowing, anytime the fan is on, it is pushing air up the chimney. (Didn't realize how much ash is in that!)
The hood was made from Mobile Home Skirting, bent and pop riveted, with 1/2 inch aluminum angle on the bottom edge for stiffness and so you don't cut yourself on the bottom. The flue pipe and the tap collar for the hood came from Home Depot, I fabbed the cap.

For outside air, the double squirrel cage fan is in the "room" next to the shop forcing fresh air into the shop, with a switch inside the shop, the fan is 3 speed, and spends most time on low or medium, the shops back door has a rod that I can use to set the back door at different stages of opening to let air out. And the front windows are hinged so they can be tipped out for more air flow. The little Window fan was what I used before I had the squirrel cage.

My wife did the sign work....








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Unkle Spike,great little smithy ,it leaves wanting more pics of the inside,you know ,your working area ,tools,anvil,all that cool stuff.Great sign totally suits your smithy hats off to your bride....Thanks for the pics....Best regards

Perhaps inside pics will follow, if I ever get it cleaned up and presentable, looks pretty "worked in" right now....
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Oh man I needed that, thanks. I'm stuck in San Antonio and so far from my forge my hands are shaking. Seeing your shop staves off the tremors for a while. Only 2 more days, then I'm gonna get off the plane and go plant a kiss on my anvil..... then maybe my wife (sic)

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