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Hip replacement surgery

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Ditto that Thomas!

Randy: Back in the day when I worked in Father's shop there was a hard and firing fast rule about work jammed in machinery. "Hands up, step back, machine OFF and don't touch it till it stops moving!" The only time Dad EVER struck me were cuffs for not reacting this way instantly. Machinery is replaceable, fingers hands, lives aren't. An old acquaintance was wire brushing a knife blade, it caught in the wheel, was carried around the wheel shield grit collector, thrown out the front, hit him in the chest and into his heart. He was dead before he hit the floor.

Your's wasn't the same situation and he was pretty reckless around equipment the news didn't surprise many of us. Still, "stop step back power off" is a basic safety rule that doesn't hurt to have drummed in to the point of reflex reaction.

Frosty The Lucky.

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A few years ago I was visiting a friend's place just south of Chicago and his wire wheels and buffers run in reverse. You use them with the work on top of the wheels and any grabbing throws the ballistic project away from you. A plywood pony wall under the wheel stops debris and snagged objects from coming back and the wheels are facing a close wooden wall. 

I thought he was nuts so he demonstrated to the lot of us by deliberately snagging a piece on the wire wheel and it hit the floor the other side of the wheel from him. He repeated it  several times with different random pieces of stock. The buffer was no dirtier than using any buffer without a guard.

I still haven't been able to bring myself to working on the wrong side of a wire wheel but I've seen other examples.

Does NOT apply to grinders!

Frosty The Lucky.

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Today she is back up to speed, with the occasional little ouch. So she decided to go back out to the shop to continue working on the knife grinding jig. It needs about  32 holes drilled and tapped. Here she is at the drill press.


I tapped the 8 holes she got drilled 6-32 thread for two hinges. She didn't want to over do it so that's all for today.

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