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Pictish Tongs


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The September/October issue of Archaeology  has an article: "Land of the Picts" that shows a set of blacksmithing tongs from somewhen in the 4th to 6th centuries AD/CE.  Luckily their website has the article as well and the tongs are shown at:


The URL is no longer valid.

Not in usable shape but I would hazard a guess that complete they would be rather like the ones found in the Mastermyr find.

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Wish i had time to read it all, that will have to wait till after work. 

I liked the iron pin shaped like an axe. Reminds me of  '80's heavy metal days when every one had pins, necklaces and earings with axe's, sword, knives, etc. on them. Maybe Ozzie is descended from the Picts?

Frosty, to bad you Pict this for no puns, would have been much fun. I can just Pict-ure us roaring with laughter and merriment. 

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Nice idea.  Wouldn't even hurt me much due to peripheral neuropathy; *but* an issue with infection and I would probably be looking at amputation.

As I would go to camping events on my own; my wife thought she could have her deed of ownership done in Ogham as a gag for swiming in the creek/river/lake.

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