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I Forge Iron

cast iron or ductile cast iron?? how do you tell the difference ??

sidesaddle queen

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1 hour ago, sidesaddle queen said:

where will i get black iron fittings

Search "malleable iron pipe fitting" as there are many options online. If you need it asap, your local home improvement store will have have black iron fittings of some form or another. You or an employee there might be able to look up what material they are made of based on the brand.

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You had to search the INTERNET to figure out what PLUMBING fittings are?:o You are such a girl in some ways.:rolleyes: 

Please note I'm giving you a break by not explaining where the water comes from when you twist the shiny thing on the far side of the sink or where the icky stuff goes when you push the lever on the back rest. Well, okay, not going full throttle on an explanation.

Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes, I'm B A D that way sometimes. I grew up making sport of family who said or did something silly. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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i never used metal fittings other than brass.. all our water lines are pvc..    i have never seen a building with iron pipes.. if we use metal it is copper or brass,,  so.. i don't think is  as much  me being a girl ,  as me being a texan... lol!!


saddle with cast iron fork and cantle piece back together and ready for leather,, she turned out pretty.. important since i am a girl...  lol!!




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I usually see them used for natural gas (in my basement for example), but they are used for drainage too. Regardless, now you know for the future.

I for one know very little about the innards of a saddle, so it's interesting to see one... skinless? naked? in the process of construction? Not sure which descriptor is best. It is pretty though.

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okay, good to know,,  thanks,  we use pvc for drainage too..  makes plumbing easy.. like tinker toys.  lol!!!  


they are very sculptural , i collected as art way before i started riding them.    they are so different form each other ..  each tree maker has his own idea of what would work,,  many don't lol!! 


i call it  a bare tree ...


i am making wax copies of the metal work this week.. then will put the saddle back together and put it on a horse,, 

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making a wax copy of  the metal fork and cantle piece   and i have located a few foundries but they may not cast small numbers..  the foundry i used to use is closed  and most art foundries do not cast iron.  

 i can manipulate the wax and an experiment with different widths   ...,  then,  i will make one from mild steel and see what i can do with it .. might just  rivet one together to play with..  

the cantle piece will be hard to duplicate without casting.   lol!! i have not worked in wax or sculpted in metal in yrs..  i am out of practice ..  

making a cardboard pattern right now,, 

on the last piece,,  

if i reheat malleable cast iron will it anneal more or turn back into regular cast iron 

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You could pay a visit to Alaska next time Pat is having an iron pour. Hmmm?

Eh. . .. sorry, I'm not a cast iron guy but I do not believe annealing works the same as for steel. I won't be surprised if I'm wrong but my niggling says it doesn't work the same if at all.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I suspect that the heat treatment involved in both malleable and ductile cast iron is beyond the capacity of most home shops, unless equipped with a sufficiently powered furnace.  

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Queen, would bronze work for the casting?  It would be a bit heavier but I'm sure that it would be strong enough.  The main reason iron replaced bronze as a cast metal was that it was cheaper, not that it was stronger.  Once it was covered with leather I doubt that anyone could tell the difference.

BTW, I have a couple of brothers-in-law as far north of Tyler as you are south, the Lindale area.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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no bronze, will not work.. i am / i was a bronze sculptor before i started redoing these saddles.. believe  me if i could work in it .. i would a happy camper! lol!!

i am wanting  to re-bend some parts that have been over bent from drops on  hard floors or from horses falling on them..    i know they can be reshaped, the art is just lost,,    

the metal fork got being cast has send me thru the looking glass ..lol!! i know these leaping pommels  can be shaped .  but no books exist to give me the info and all the old tree makers are gone,, 

i drive my friends crazy when i go off on another hunt for lost methods, but sometimes i find a answer..  lol!! 

the leaping pommel we tried to re-bend broke. so i have been afraid to try another one..  but at 4:30 this am i realized it was a modern cast one  so it was not the same metal,,  

jhcc,        sadly   i do believe you are right..   but it has been fun chasing down the rabbit hole,, paul hasluck's metalworking book brought me to a stop..lol!! but .. i still might experiment,, lol!!

george n.m.  bronze will not break but will bend more readily than iron under the same force..  i made horse bits and stirrups  from bronze and they slowly bent out of shape with use ..

lindale is a nice town.. used to have a horse trainer friend there,,  

frosty, i wish i could from alaska is too far away.. and too cold for me.. lol!!  i found some texas foundries not far from me but doubt they would do  small pours,,  

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Queen, I am no horseman, all I know about horses is that one end kicks and the other end bites, but I would think a saddle part that is a brace to hold the rider on would be under less force than a bit or stirrup which is under more constant force from guiding the horse or the weight of the rider.  A saddle part under constant stress from the weight of the rider would certainly need to be as rigid as possible.  Just my non-equestrian thoughts.

Also, I would think that any shape which could be cast could also be forged/ground/filed into shape and would not be as brittle as cast iron.   If we were closer I'd give it a try for you.

Good luck.  I have been interested in following your threads since this is an unusual application.

"B y hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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the fork is under more force than the stirrup..   force from the body of the horse not the rider,,   a  horse jumping a large fence  can crack a tree,, 

i  need to change the shape of existing  parts .. making new ones is a  a project i am playing with.   i needed to understand the metal so showing the saddle fork gave y'all the idea of what i am working with.

i wanted to open this one up to fit a modern horse  and change the shape of the horn.. 

this metal will curl up when hit with a hard force .. like a horse falling on it,,   i have leaping horns that have curled and i need to uncurl them.. they are not easily replaceable ..  

bronze or brass is not an option,, 

y'all have giving me new avenues to follow.. lol!!    more than i ever expected..  

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