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Front Yard Fancy Schmancy


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Here are four I just finished..two have my infamous bovine ivory, two have some of that bowling ball material that  stumbled upon a while back. All are PW and the fancy one is silver mounted and has a 18 ct plus hand cut blue flash labradorite cab set on the sheath throat. Sorted through 10 lbs of rough to find a piece that matches the grip colouration....I think I pretty much nailed it on that. I took my sweet time in cutting it as well....didn't want to mess it up.

Not too bad for front yard fancy if ya ask this old man..













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As usual, very, very nice.  I particularly like the pattern welding in the one with the brass tacks in the handle and no fuller.  I tend to like the moire silk pattern better than feather.

This level of work crosses over from blade/blacksmithing into jewelry making.  That is a compliment.

A couple questions:

1) How do you work the bowling ball material?  I assume that it is like a dense wood but that you have to be careful about heating it up with power tools to avoid melting.

2) Do you forge your fullers in or do you machine them out?  If the former how do you polish the trench of the fuller?

3) Did you cut the cab yourself?  If so, nice work.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Your control of pattern weld development is as always incredible, fit and finish does it justice. I've been out of adjectives to describe how much I'm in awe of your blades a long time ago. Thank you for showing us a glimpse.

Your photography has come a long way, everything is clearly visible. Better and better.

Frosty The Lucky.

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In answer...I forge the fullers in using my fly press..this does them really spiffy and I can feel the steel move under it as I work..plus it does both sides at the same time.. as for cleaning them up...I use my Foredom flex shaft machine and a lot of those  little sleeve sanding bands..it doesn't take more than a few minutes to do if I do my part and get the fuller as even as I can under the fly press dies..

On working that bb material. It is basically some sort of polymer/acrylic and once I get above say 300 grit I start to polish wet up to 3000 then a light buff with black emery and light oil slurry followed by a sewn muslin buff using white tripoli..This brings up the polish glassy smooth and really brings out the colours of the material. Same polish is used for my bovine ivory finishing..here again it gets glassy smooth..

I have been cutting rock since I was like 8 or so...just something I do when I have the time or the need. This way by doing it myself I can tailor the stone to what I require as far as mounting sizes..shape, materials and all that..

Frosty.. THANK YOU for the kind words....those are appreciated..

Well I have a new project I am doing..have to replace that fancy schamancy dagger that just sold..boy that one didn't last..I think this one will be a turkish pattern something..maybe a pillow sword or?? It will be what it wants to be..That I do know...I lay it out tomorrow..I have the 1095, L-6 and the Stainless Steel already on my work bench..just have to cut to size, stack, wire and into the forge it goes..That will be tomorrow..

Back to the salt mines...


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I just calls em like I sees em Jim and you've run me out of good things to say that haven't been over used to death.

Maybe someday Deb and I'll get near enough we can stop by for an in person look see. If that is you don't mind an old curmudgeon in your front yard. 

Frosty The Lucky.


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