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  1. Actually I was a foreman for a home construction company. Trouble is i had to wear a tool belt and constantly show many why they were worn and how they were used all day long.
  2. I am in Sheridan. I made knives MANY years ago for the "buckskinners" I hung around right after I graduated from MSU in Bozeman. However they were all made through material removal via bench grinder, files, and hand sanding. Going to a little hammer work this time and see if I can learn to move the metal around in a fashion that suits me. Worked as a carpenter and general woodworker for 20 years. Retired on disability because of my back. Working on a set up that I can sit and swing a hammer or run a bench sander. I enjoy seeing others work. Oh did I mention I like pictures?
  3. This is my 2nd go round. extreme radiation and chemo 1st time. This time I am having half my esophagus and part of my stomach removed then resected. Going to have lots of time to read. OH did I mention I love pictures. Yah I love pictures.
  4. I like it. Looks very nice plus a very usable profile.
  5. As I prepare to get into making knives (after hopefully recovering from successful cancer surgery next week) I wish more were posting here in the knife making section. Seems forging knives is becoming more popular than just grinding and heat treating. I have done that but I hope to make it through and get strong enough to bang some steel. Possibly even make a few things that aren't meant to cut something. Just reading this sight I have learned how to improve my Devils Forge with proper refractory liner and adjust the flame to where I want it. Pics and descriptions of your knives are inspiring.
  6. Not sure why but I really like it.... a lot! Could be the straighter lines and straight grain in the scales that makes it flow for me.
  7. An interesting profile. What steel was used?
  8. Thanks. I'll do the spoon thing when the time comes.
  9. Anyone use a "cheese shaker" for holding and applying borax while forging? Something I think I will try so as to prevent spilling a tray or box full and making a mess I have to clean up. I knnow a spoon is used to apply it. This seems an 'all in one' thing, both container and applicator.
  10. I had the same issue. I believe I mixed it to dry. On my second go'round I made sure it was wet enough. It has dried as hard and tough as xxxxxxxxxxxx.
  11. I am brand new to this as well and bought a double burner Devils Forge. The refractory it comes with is a joke so I followed the advice given here and purchased plenty of kastolite 30 and relined it with that over the factory 1" of kaowool. I only made a layer about 3/8" thick. The volume of the forge is too small by my eye to have it thicker and place a sacrificial brick in there as well. It would put the project material right in the blue flame and from my handling of a torch this is not a good thing nor where the heat is. I am going to make my own thin sacrificial brick from left over kasto
  12. Retired carpenter and log furniture craftsman. Just joined after lurking and lurking. The difference between a journeyman and a master; you don't see the masters mistakes.
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