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Is there a reason I haven't seen a propane Jabod?


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You would quickly have spent several times the cost of refractory for a simple pipe forge in propane gas to heat up a non-insulative JABOD forge.  It would take a long time to come up to temp, have problems reaching good forging temps and take a long time coming back to a safe to store temperature.  As mentioned you would be basically making a gas fired oven and unfortunately they don't get to forging temps! 

JAPLWR?  Just A Pipe Lined With Refractory?  JATLWR  Just A Tube Lined With Refractory?  (PBATB powered by a T burner!)

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Yes you can, I take my propane JABOD to demos, it isn't as intimidating as one of my purpose build propane forges so the spectators are more likely to give it a try. I call them "brick pile forges." I have a wooden box I carry the IFBs in so I suppose its JABOIFBs

I use Morgan Thermal ceramics K-26 Insulating Fire Bricks (IFBs) they can take the rapid thermal cycling we do unto them. AND they're stronger and reasonably flux resistant, unlike the old IFBs.

If you want to add some angle iron, all thread, nuts and washers they'll clamp together into a perfectly serviceable unit, see below. The club built 26 of these in a forge/burner clinic. The volume is about the same as 2 bricks stacked flat and is powered by one 1/2" T burner and they're kiln washed with Plistex 900. The one below has been running less than 5 minutes, the guy just couldn't wait for it to come to heat before putting his steel in his new forge. 

I would've made them a little differently but they weren't my project and they work beautifully. Guys are making axes and hammers in them.   

Frosty The Lucky.


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