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Anvil idea

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It's one of those things that might be handy as an adjunct to a "cube of steel" anvil; but the price is terrible.  I forged a stake anvil to go with my "cube of steel" anvil and used a RR spike driving sledge as the head; cost me around US$5 IIRC, (I only buy them when found cheap and always buy them when found cheap!)

Two stake anvils made from sledge hammer heads by me with some help from my friends.


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I like the banded log Thomas. If I can find a spot where I can actually set up my smithy again and not have to take it down every time after I'm done I will have to band the log that my hardy hole is in. I don't know why I didn't think about it before. Probably because I didn't have a chance to use it before the neighbors started raising a stink. I'm sure it would have been apparent as soon as it started splitting lol. 


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3 hours ago, Justwood&iron said:

When building an anvil should you weld the steel blocks horizontal or vertical? Can you do a combination of the two. We are talking a 400 pounder.

I do not intend to hijack the thread, but I saw the mathematical explanation and what laws of physics are applied to justify why you should weld steel blocks vertically to make an anvil. Sorry I do not have a link...

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