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lordly Saxon kitchen knife


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This is lhe latest colaberation knife made by myself and Czech bladesmith Petr Florianek. Inspired by saxon swords the 11" blade and handle are made by me and the carving and Sterling silver handle ornamentation is by Petr.

Hope you like it.













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Owen, that is a really beautiful piece. Every patter welded blade of yours makes me want to get even half that good. I especially like the plain band on the transition between your two different billets, without which the blade may have looked a little busy. Something to try when I get a *lot* better. 

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On 2/25/2020 at 8:41 PM, Les L said:

That is amazing! great job on the blade and handle. Please describe the different layers and patterns in the blade,

hi les,

 the blade is made from 5 bars of metal. wrought iron at the spine then 2 twists made from 7 layers of steel one twisted clockwise one anticlockwise . Then another layer of wrought iron and random pattern of about 240 layers at the edge.

 cheers for the kind commen ts all.


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Are the dark lines I am seeing in the wrought iron layers the result of the fiberous texture of the wrought iron as brought out by the acid etch?  They almost look like cold shuts but because I am only seeing this in 2 dimensions I cannot tell if they are voids.  Very nice work.  It would have to be a chef to a royal household to have such a blade.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand." 

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yes they are slagg inclusions , part of using that material. its not perfect and is in fact  big ones are the main cause of failed blades for me... I accept small ones a part of the charm of the material as it is part of the material.

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