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New swages!

Justin Topp

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Ah good Im still learning the site. Thanks. I don’t have any specific plans other than I needed the spoon swage. And the smallest round hole fits rivets I like to use so that’s great for riveting things like tongs. The half round I got because they are always handy. Mainly I just wanted to expand my tool collection. 

I’ll be using them later today so I’ll leave an update on this thread when I get the chance. I planed on lightly smoothing them out but I’m not going crazy because I don’t care if they aren’t mirror polished or anything. 

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14 minutes ago, GuardedDig2 said:

I don’t care if they aren’t mirror polished or anything. 

I wasn't suggesting a cosmetic finish. Polished and shiny work better, less friction means the metal will move more easily and have fewer surprises. It's strictly for the utility of the tool. I give my hammers a 500 grit shine now and then, it makes a noticeable difference all round. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I shined them up just didn’t polish them. :) 

update on the use. They work very well. I made a spoon and it’s nothing fancy and not that pretty but it works and that’s what’s important for now while I practice. 

smallest hole perfectly fits the 3/8” rivets I use. I’m gonna make some tongs and try riveting using that to hold the rivet and keep the domed head from deforming. 

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Looks functional to me.  I do like a longer handle on my flux spoons, to keep away from the heat when forge welding large stock or billets.  If I were you I'd probably reforge that one to about twice that length and make sure the long end of the head of the spike was "down" with the spoon in the full position.

Tip: you can polish up the head of another spike drive it into a stump, and use it like a stake to forge the bowl thinner.

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++ on the tip; I've been using a smoothed up HC RR spike as a spoon stake for decades now.  If you will be using it for cold work try a super quench too.

Do you have a good hammer for forming into that swage? Grinding ballpeen hammers faces to work into the depression can help a lot too. Of course there is also the struck top swage method.

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