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  1. Yep. I cut a bunch of billets from a forklift tine with one blade and Other than the lack of paint in some places I would have no idea it’s used. Feels and looks perfectly sharp
  2. I was using 3 tpi blades! 1.75” forklift tine. Going to get it off the casters and onto a couple chunks of railroad ties so it’s more stable and doesn’t roll around. I have no regrets on this purchase. Especially with the price of 300$ compared to a bandsaw with similar capabilities
  3. Well this is quite the saw! Cuts forklift tines in half the time it takes my bandsaw to cut through them. It’s a great machine! Just needs to be cleaned and some coolant
  4. Thanks! I’m super excited. Not sure if I can mention them or not but Yes msc industrial supply carries starrett blades from I believe 2 - 14 tpi. In several lengths. The saw works perfectly. Just needs a small motor for the coolant pump to function but that’s easy enough. And a cleaning. But it runs great and cuts nicely and very straight. Puts my little China special 4x6 bandsaw to shame. In the limited tests I saw before bringing it home it preforms about as well as my Bandsaw in speed. Maybe even a bit faster. But also leaves a far better cut. I will do more testing hamm
  5. Look what followed me home today. 14” Racine power hacksaw. It’s a wet saw rated for up to 6” square stock. All the bells and whistles. At 750lbs according to a manual it’s no fun to move haha. I’ll be taking it off the casters once I figure out where I want it came with 20 replacement blades.
  6. That’s what I’m thinking. I see people with similar saws saying $500 is a good deal. So I can hardly go wrong paying just over half that
  7. From my research this one should have all those features. Along with a coolant pump. I have a small iron mike power hacksaw that is great but lacks the power to cut much above 3/4” square steel. Great for pvc and metal pipes though. I think I’m gonna have to pick it up for 300$ they are asking. For the cool factor if nothing else
  8. I’m looking into potentially purchasing a 14 “ Racine power hacksaw and I was wondering what everyone’s opinion on the saw is?
  9. This is a 6”. Very surprising how well it worked
  10. Un marked hand powered bench grinder. Near perfect condition. Spins super easily and grinds well. Very pleased to find It for my blacksmith shop as I’ve been wanting one for ages
  11. Justin Topp

    New vises

    Bought some new vises. A 4” columbian. 604 m2 and a 5” 1750 wilton bullet vise. The bullet i bought for my stepdad to replace the harbor freight vise he uses now both move smoothly
  12. The roof is great during about 11-4 but needs a “lip” around the edge going about a foot down for when it’s earlier and later to block sun. Maybe it’s the fact the sun is so low in the sky right now. In summer it would work better I think. also I tried making a cat and it is pretty bad haha. I’ll use a better sized angle iron next time and make some better tools
  13. That’s true. I can get some. I had a canopy for a few months which provided about the same amount of shade and found it easier to forge weld but I’ll have to just do some forging and see
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