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  1. I should’ve clarified myself too. I really like forge welding and I actually often try to include it in projects. Normally I would forge weld but I wanted to try something different than how I normally do it
  2. By no welding I meant arc welding. Of course forge welding would also be traditional. Just wanted an excuse to try hot collaring things haha. Thanks
  3. Not quite finished. But here’s a trivet I worked on today. All traditional joinery no welding.
  4. some practice with hot collars. Project I’ve got coming up needs some and I figured I should practice before doing it on the real thing!
  5. I swear I fixed that haha. Autocorrect is definitely out to get me. anyways here’s a simple hot cut for the new anvil
  6. Again I want to thank you for all your help on this anvil. I’ll definitely be purchasing your book soon as now I have 2 fishers I need information on haha
  7. Must be possessed. It almost fell on my foot while I was standing next to it with it tipped on its end That or Autocorrect is out to get me haha.
  8. I still can’t believe that it’s quieter than my other anvil was when it was super tightly secured with a chain and magnet haha.
  9. After doing some forging on it I see why everyone likes fisher anvils so much. They are just great! Haha
  10. Haha it was good exorcise that’s for sure. I have a 70 lb fisher on the farm I should take back home. Would make a great addition to the stack. And the little 4.5 lbs one I forged I should stick on top. Haha. thank you very much! Tried some basic things out when I got my anvil mounted. Temporary for now til I build a proper stand. I made some nails to hold it by forming a taper than clamping in the vise and bending hammering at a 45 degree angle away. To form a tab to go over the lug. Surprisingly effective. Also started a small hinge for another project. Wrought iron. Decided to try forge welding the eye for once. I like it better than the normal method I usually see of kinda hammering it into a tight loop. And a square lunch to make holes for square rivers for an upcoming project. Anvil has some dirt and stuff but no more scratches than it had to start!
  11. The only markings mines got is the logo. The name. US is stamped on and a number 6 by itself. Scale said 203lbs. No year or weight marked on it oddly enough. it was dated 1930s by Josh at the fisher museum its for a few scratches and dings but is overall very nice. Also love how quiet it is
  12. Thanks frosty! I’m pretty dang excited to try it out!
  13. New anvil day is the best. 200 pound fisher Norris anvil. 90-95% rebound
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