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  1. 3/4 lb tinkering hammer from 4140 for my neighbor. Hackberry handle. Used wood from his tree
  2. As a side note I found these burners for 20$ and I need some for a forge I’m building any obvious reason not to get them?
  3. I was saying more for that fact it’s usually 70 degrees so hot enough I don’t need one. It was 40 when I went out so I had it on. I wear a big leather apron for welding do I’ve got slag burns covered! The coat won’t be a complete waste though. I will be making char cloth since I’m just about out of it
  4. I’ve heard of that I might have to try it. This one was flames 8” tall on fire but probably would’ve stopped it
  5. The weirdest part is the fact the last one I had would be showered in sparks and molten flux and stuff and wouldn’t care where that ignited with a tiny spark. At least it’s summer so i can go without one
  6. Today is not my day......, this coat was brand new. I mean I have worn it for about 30 minutes total. The last coat I had identical to that one lasted months of being hit by scale and flux and sparks and this one somehow burned when it was like 12 feet away up wind?? I dunno. Also This hammer was really out of proportion and ugly started out fine but just went wrong so that’s a bag of coal and 2.5 hours wasted. And my forge lining decided to start crumbling after surviving with no damage for the year and a half I’ve used it and the 100 before that. I’m calling it quits before I ruin anything else
  7. Modified the treadle hammer a bit for more swing so I can fit top tools and added a pilot so it always hits in the same exact place. Hits much harder now and much more accurately. Now to make it more solid and figure out how to add a motor ... haha
  8. Ah very interesting. as for the hammer I’m going to be finding a better anvil. A block of steel perhaps and a larger hammer and Move the treadle to the front and use it like a normal one and not go from the side
  9. I had read about it so I was just guessing there, Buzzkill- I think your probably correct. It’s shiny just like how cable is shiny in the non etched parts
  10. So I did a few things today. To start I made a treadle hammer that works okay. More of an experiment than anything. Made from scraps. I used my chisel to shape a few bits of wood On this and it works great! Next I messed with some rebar. Folded up to 54 layers and it had a pattern? I’m assuming the rust on it reacted with the CO in the coal forge and converted back into iron? It’s ASTM A617 grade according to the markings on it. So supposedly rerolled axels unless I’m mistaken. so I started by flattening it and cutting it to make 3 layers next I folded it in 3rds 2 times to go to 9 than 27 layers than I folded in half to get 54 layers. I cleaned and etched and it’s showing some pattern. I’m gonna twist it tomorrow. This was useless I know I was just experimenting
  11. Thanks! Yea they are pretty fun and honestly not too hard. I used square stock and a guillotine to isolate all the parts
  12. Bottle opener is finished Wrought iron is very nice looking
  13. I over calculated stock size so it’s huge but here’s today’s work. It will go in the acid tomorrow. Wrought iron
  14. Hahah maybe it’s a good thing it’s not so nice then. You will never loose it !
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