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  1. Been big into ice fishing lately and had gotten into pike spearing. So I decided to make my own spear. Season closes this week so I won’t get a chance to use it till next winter but I think it should work well.
  2. Picked up this neat little “camel back” drill press today. It’s roughly 2’ tall and made by champion blower and forge company. I will make a new belt and find a motor than get it put to work
  3. Practicing on the lathe, trying to improve surface finish. I’m using a vertical shear tool for this. I think I’m definitely getting better finishes now but still could use some work. It’s much better in person than it looks on the photos, And feels super smooth. It’s 1018 so not exactly known to be the nicest steel to finish. Got some neat steel wool as a byproduct
  4. I would’ve just bought it for slightly more instead of spending a few hours messing around in my garage but where’s the fun in that!
  5. I’ve been learning it! Making a few useful parts even! Here’s one thing it was great for, needed a smaller pulley for the Massey 14, for the snow blower attachment. So I used the lathe to take the hub out of a pulley and mark the pulley to drill holes. Worked great. (Gloves were just to pick the metal up since it was about 10°f in my shop at the time. Taken off during operation) I think a 9” SB lathe would be fantastic. This just was available at a better price. I’m happy I got it. They are super useful. I am going to practice some more and maybe buy some insert tooling, though I like using and learning hss. (The lathe is more suited for hss speeds anyways.) Then I’m going make some pistons and cylinders to hopefully make a alpha configuration stirling engine
  6. It’s here! Just gotta wait for the hss blanks to get here now
  7. Im thinking I’ll do something similar. I definitely don’t need the 8” for most things but it will be nice for heavier work
  8. Im going to mount my 6” leg vise too. Which I’ll probably end up using the most. It’s my favorite vise I’ve used yet. May also mount my 4” somewhere. Not sure yet. So something like the second finalist axe I made is better? Where the handle is very minimally thinned to go into the eye? I’ll take a look at him. Thanks
  9. Gave knife making another go. Was looking good but I messed it up. Back to blacksmithing I guess! I am finally getting around to making a stand for my 8” leg vise. The whole setup weighs about 475 lbs. made of some plate, some h beam, and a 27” lathe face plate photos appear to be sideways
  10. Ordered a quick change tool post and some more hss blanks. Finally I will be able to get making some real projects I’ve also been prepping to make a flat belt pulley so I made this headstock center for the 3 jaw chuck. I’ll just take a light cut before each use to true it up
  11. That would be nice! I’m more interested in a Bridgeport manual for now though. Friend has a haas if I really need cnc. Although a mazak would be nice!
  12. This is becoming my machine thread. If there’s a better place I’ll start a thread there. But I’ll keep it here for now. With that being said, I found this palmgren vise and cleaned and de rusted it. Hoping to do some testing on it to see if it’s at all square to use on my milling machine. For light not super precise work if nothing else. Jaws are micarta. I May eventually make some steel or aluminum jaws. Not sure yet.
  13. That would be fun to watch run!
  14. Trust me I’d love a monarch but this southbend is more than enough for my garage for now haha. I bet I could take a 3/8 cut with the southbend. Using the back gears and a reasonable feed. Not nearly as impressive but more than enough for my needs. Once I’m a bit older and out of high school with a bigger shop I’ll look for a better lathe. Parts are either available or easily made which is nice for me as a hobbies. Those big planers are fun to watch!
  15. The drill is only 900 rpm so not quite as fun but will be a rush haha
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