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  1. Talked to a machinist friend about getting the “cam” machined. Basically an oversized roller bearing. It’s being laser cut at one place. Than he’s gonna machine it to within a few thousandths. Should work pretty good
  2. Still lots of work but I was able to test with just gravity. Hooked up a string to pull it up a bit and let it fall. 53 lb ram. If I can figure out how to upload to YouTube on mobile I’ll post a video. It rather impressed me. Can’t wait to get the motor on
  3. Yes they are Creosoted oak railroad bridge timber’s. Should hold up really nicely. They are in good condition not too heavily used. Still solid. So there’s plenty of life left in them.
  4. Got the anvil mostly done. Just a bit more welding to do on it. I also sunk the base into the ground. Removed the pavers and sand. Than packed sand in to keep the base steady. And solid. It may rot out eventually but it should last a fairly long time. They are oak railroad bridge planks.
  5. Would ply wood be best? I can easily get hickory, ash, Osage orange wood boards. Or any other wood really.
  6. Got the 1” ball bearings in today. Working on the plates that will be welded for the anvil. Cut the 1” plate into the correct width with a circular saw. Now cutting them to the correct length with my hacksaw
  7. 3.5 lb rounding hammer forged from 2” square 1045
  8. Yea. Figured it was something like that. Just curious if anyone knew where to look for a video
  9. I know it’s unlikely since the owner hasn’t logged on in over a year but does anyone happen to know where there’s a video of this in action. Since the links were removed
  10. Almost completely identical with slight modifications. The cam which I guess might be the wrong word will be made like an oversized ball bearing with an off center hole. To lift and drop it. Not like a Da Vinci cam hammer. So it’s not just gravity acting on the hammer
  11. Yea that’s lignite alright. I must have higher quality lignite. I had very little smoke, enough heat to forge weld, and I get no clinkers. Weird
  12. I’ll have to look for some. I know there are some single man sawmills around. I’m sure I could get something from one of them. this is not my design. It is the beam hammer designed by Roy Adams at christ centered iron works. This hammer will hit around 250-300 bpm via a cam connect d directly to the spring. The leaf spring will serve to “whip” the hammer head. Not relying on gravity with this one. hopefully it turns out well and hits fairly hard. We will see. I will continue to post pictures and a video when it’s finished. Waiting on some pillow block bearings and a few oth
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