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  1. Got the 12” contact wheel in the mail finally
  2. Enclosure for the vfd is in the mail. Otherwise it’s done! And working fantastic!
  3. Done. Just need a vfd enclosure. Which will be a metal box with a fan and a filter
  4. Gotta do the finishing touches and a few more minor changes than it’s done. It runs dead smooth and has tons of power. Very efficient at grinding I can balance a nickel on it’s side with the grinder off. Than go straight to 6500 sfpm without it ripping. Having a vibration free grinder is great!
  5. We have the rest of the wheels and variable speed! Need an enclosure for the vfd but otherwise it’s good to go!
  6. Well good thing I’m not a knife maker! Won’t have to worry about losing my fingers! Haha. I hadn’t gotten around to it. It all needs to be taken apart for the rest of the painting still so I’ll make sure it’s the proper way on the final assembly
  7. It’s starting to actually look like something!
  8. Got the gas strut on there. Waiting on parts now. I’ve been informed the strut should go upside down to prevent things from getting on the shaft and messing up the seal. But otherwise it works great. Very smooth to use.
  9. Thanks. Hopefully it works well. Ordered the motor, wheels, and vfd today
  10. Thanks! Yea it’s gotten a bit long. I’ve considered making another one but there are some really long discussions here so it’s fine probably. It’s for me to look back on if nothing else.
  11. Thanks. Yea it’s full brass pins I peened over. Than ground flat
  12. Ages ago when I made knives someone asked for one. So I finally got around to doing it. I remember why I quit making them though haha. It’s 1095 with wrought iron jacket. The parts where iron reaches the edge have thin enough iron that it won’t affect it once sharpened
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