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Materials at hand that could be of use.

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Hey folks, hopefully this doesn't get buried in the shuffle but I had a couple questions about things that I have access to and if anyone has any input. Firstly I can get my hands on ferric oxide powder. I did a few searches without any results as most what came up was about scale. This is a very fine and dry red powder. Also on hand are blanks that go in piping. They are anywhere from 1/4 inch to half inch thick and various sizes. The only marking I see on then is the size. Ex: 2" 150 . Not sure what they're made of and if they could be any good. Thanks in advance! 

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Smelting is taking a metal ore and making metal from it; so Ferric Oxide can be smelted into iron/steel. Malachite, Cu2(CO3)(OH)2, can be smelted into copper, etc.

Melting is foundry work, taking metal and liquefying it and casting it into molds.

We have folks that do both these things participating here. 

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