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Found 6 results

  1. Hey folks, hopefully this doesn't get buried in the shuffle but I had a couple questions about things that I have access to and if anyone has any input. Firstly I can get my hands on ferric oxide powder. I did a few searches without any results as most what came up was about scale. This is a very fine and dry red powder. Also on hand are blanks that go in piping. They are anywhere from 1/4 inch to half inch thick and various sizes. The only marking I see on then is the size. Ex: 2" 150 . Not sure what they're made of and if they could be any good. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, CNC machinist here. I was wondering how dangerous it is to work with this material as the paperwork that came with it states it is 7.4% Lead. Obviously, I'm going to be machining it although it will be constantly getting sprayed down with coolant. I've worked with this material in the past but never knew about the high lead content. Is this a serious risk to my health?
  3. Hello, I'm quite new to blacksmithing. I have some questions about fire pots for coal forges. I understand what kind of design/shape I need. But I don't know what to use for material. I know I could use steel, but I scared of it warping or melting through. I could also use some sort of fire brick, but I don't have any experience with that. So it would be extremely helpful if someone could point me in the right direction. I didn't see any threads on this already so if I missed one sorry, If you could point me in the direction of it that'd be great. Thanks
  4. Morning All, Being the newby, I am slowly collecting tools and equipment, reading books, and trying to learn what I can. I have now started to think about where I am going to be working and practicing. During last summer I set up my little propane forge and RR tie anvil in the garage and moved them around as needed. Since I have decided to start using a solid fuel forge I can't continue to use the garage. My wife will never allow it due to the vehicles and her wool milling equipment that live in the garage. No big deal I have a metal sided shelter out in the livestock area that I store tractor implements and hay in. I can use part of that. I'll build everything onto movable platforms/pallets that I can pick up with the tractor. I have lots of used metal roofing I can use to enclose and cover everything. I am thinking further down the road to the possibility of setting up a small shed on its own where I could set things up permanently. That new "shed" would be in the backyard about a hundred feet from the house. In a couple years what types of materials should I look at using for control of the noise of a working smithy? I have read a few of the older threads that talked about this a bit. I understand the information about isolation of the power hammers and such heavy equipment but I am unlikely to ever have those. I am just looking at small power tools and the hammer. I am experienced with the use of mineral wool insulation, foam insulation (spray and board), and the use of drywall. Our house has an ICF foundation ($$$). I have looked at double walls ($$). Landscaping is too destructive to the yard... From my reading it seems that to reduce sound you need to absorb it or redirect it. So to absorb it I would need a combination of very dense and light materials. To redirect it I need something that will deflect it straight up. I am wondering about the usefulness of gravel gambions for absorbing and deflecting??? What else should I look at? you may wish to check your use of terms. a Rail Road Tie is normally made from wood, occasionally concrete, Some peopl have used R track sections.
  5. Good day, I have been making knives as a hobby to make a little bit of money, but I have always used materials like saw blades and things like that for my knives. I am wanting to get into making some out of stainless steel, as there have been a few who have asked for that. Now that leads me to the question of what steel would be best, I am wanting a not too expensive, but fairly good quality steel which is not too hard to machine. I work with very few tools, and my belt sander is only a hand belt sander mounted upside-down. For my customers it is a selling point, as they want to support the small guy. Thanks for your input! Seth Lancaster
  6. Hi everyone! I'm building my first forge and I've got most everything except the ceramic heat blanketing and the metal cylinder to house it in... also having trouble finding firebrick. If anyone near me can help with any of these, or punt me in the right direction (besides the Internet) it would of course help out a lot. I'm in jupiter, Florida. Just got here from Scotland and don't know the place well. Sorry if this post is to the point but I've been running around in real life and online all day looking for this stuff and I'm getting a bit drawn...
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