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Can't get a good finish on my metal


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I'm heading in the direction of selling what I make online. I have one problem that I can't figure out though. I have so much trouble getting an even and durable finish. I really like paste wax but my metal still rusts with only that. So I tried a clear enamel coat (Rustoleum) over top. But it seems to be scratching or chipping off. Help! I need something that looks great but is also durable! I have tried many finishes and paste wax is my favourite so far but I need a finish for outdoor items. I appreciate any suggestions!

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I have had decent luck with a product called Penetrol made by Flood.

I am waiting for a new product to try called Sharkshide which is an outdoor marine coating that is supposed to be quite good.

I have attached pictures of the two products so there is no confusion (soooo many products out there)




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Use a hot oil finish linseed oil, turpentine, beeswax. 50/50 and beeswax to taste.I like it liquid so add a walnut size beeswax when I use a pint of each. 

Clean it with alcohol then rub some Johnson past wax or any carnuba based furniture polish on and you will have a good durable finish.

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