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  1. I'm heading in the direction of selling what I make online. I have one problem that I can't figure out though. I have so much trouble getting an even and durable finish. I really like paste wax but my metal still rusts with only that. So I tried a clear enamel coat (Rustoleum) over top. But it seems to be scratching or chipping off. Help! I need something that looks great but is also durable! I have tried many finishes and paste wax is my favourite so far but I need a finish for outdoor items. I appreciate any suggestions!
  2. I've made some kitchen utensils lately and I don't know what to coat them with. I want a food grade clear coat but I didn't find much when I researched it. Does anyone have any ideas for a protective food safe coating? Thanks!
  3. I need suggestions for a good plaster for my forge. I was using plaster of paris and sand and it didn't hold up well. I also tried bentonite clay and sand and it's very crumbly. I need to find something quick because I have a vendor fair coming up and I still have lots of stuff I have to make ASAP! I'm in NC. I need something that I can pick up at a store or order on Amazon since that would be the quickest. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the ideas! It's a side blast forge. I don't have any pics of it and I'm not in the shop right now but It's made from a stainless steel baking pan.
  5. I built my first coal forge a few months back and I plastered it with a 50/50 mixture of plaster of Paris and sand. I'm not very happy with it and I've already had to replaster it. What should I be using to coat my forge?
  6. I'm in North Carolina. One of the plates is hard to read but it says: 2073 MFD. by Maxon Premix Burner Co. Muncie, Indiana USA here's some pics
  7. Does anyone know anything about Maxon Premix Burners? Someone gave me this and they said it's a gas forge. I have no use for it so I'm planning to sell. Any idea how much it's worth? It does get power it's just too rusty to work. Thanks!
  8. Will a block wire brush take off all the scale or should I go with a power brush?
  9. Ok will do. Thanks for the info. This has been very helpful
  10. I'm burning propane. I'm going to get a power wire brush as soon as I can. Any specific kind I need?
  11. I am using a gas forge and cold rolled steel. After my metal comes out of the forge, I clean it off with a wire brush then wax and quench. This is what I was taught to do when I took classes. Did some more research and I think its gotta be scale. How should I remove it and how should I be finishing my work? Thanks!
  12. I am a beginner blacksmith and I've been making some small projects. I keep running into the same problem which is all my projects are slightly pitted and have a dull red colour. Any ideas or solutions? Much appreciated! Here's a pic
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