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looking for some tips on making a sauce pan

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so a  couple of weeks ago i made a skillet and now i would like to make a sauce pan to go with it. but i'm not quite shore how to go about it, i found that when you want to raise the edge the whole thing goes daddy wompus and flexes and moves all over the place and you don't know where to start first. seen as the pan would be about 8cm deep and have a bottom diameter of about 16cm. 

would i try and "roll" the edge over my stake or first make a depression with my hydraulic press and the finish it over the stake? i'm afraid the because of the high edge  it will crumple. any thoughts, tips or reference material i should look in to ?





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I did some raising in school and that is the process you will need to use to make a sauce pan form.  This video shows the the basic start of what you want to do.  To make the sidewalls straight or 90 degrees to the bottom you will get  and have to deal with a sort of a wavy or crenulated edge but this will work out into added height with more work over he stake;



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The techniques are the same for sheet steel as for silver or tin. You'll need to crease the perimeter from the circle marking the bottom to the outside edge. Once creased you "Shrink" by driving the creases flat again, upsetting the material shrinking the radius and drawing the side up. It requires definition of the transition from bottom to side, it won't go where you want without direction.

I didn't find anything about tools or technique in a quick search though the book, "Metal techniques For Craftsmen," by Oppi Untract isn't a detailed how to but it covers the very basics with photos and illustrations. Amazon has a copy now.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Make a series of equally spaced creases/flutes and then working hot upset the flutes into the material next to it.  Only heat the area you will be working to avoid scale losses. Repeat until madness takes it's toll.

You will end up with a thicker edge than the original starting stock.

I would suggest looking for raising information for jewelry making as it's a standard technique there.

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