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Anvil ID help

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Hello all. Picked this one up today and need help with an ID. I don't see any markings on front or back, but it's been painted. Both feet have numbers. I assume the 85 is a weight--it feels right when I lift it. 


Each foot has a 3 on the far right as you look at it. Same serial number on each foot.


Thanks in advance.......Mike







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Just purchased Ana anvil in Bucyrus Ohio last weekend it has 175 space 133801 stamped on the foot it has 2 Pritchett holes and a notch on the horn I’ve been told it’s a hay budden ferrier anvil got it for 365 bucks it’s a little abused but generally in good shape here are pics




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Looks to be in good usable condition. Good price. 

It's deffinately a farriers anvil. Could be a Trenton. Can you get a picture of the bottom?

Also a bit of wire brushing might reveal stamping on the side. 

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For some reason somebody chiseled a bunch of cuts in the sides and feet don’t know why I’m trying to grind them smooth don’t see any names anywhere just numbers looked underneath didn’t notice any stamping will check further tonight at work now thanks for the reply where are you located I’m nortwest indiana

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The shape of the possible indentation on the bottom can often specify the brand---not a stamping---so we need a picture!  Smiths often tested or demonstrated the temper of the chisels and punches they made by showing that it would cut into the dead soft wrought iron (or mild steel) of the anvils feet.  Remember they were tools back then and not idols.


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