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  1. Chelonian....great call and I would have forgotten. Thanks so much.
  2. Irondragon f&c. Thanks....I will be taking a wire wheel to it this evening. Profile edited to reflect location.
  3. ThomasPowers.....Here is one from my phone. I can take another when I get back if this doesn't show the detail you wanted. You guys rock !
  4. Hello all. Picked this one up today and need help with an ID. I don't see any markings on front or back, but it's been painted. Both feet have numbers. I assume the 85 is a weight--it feels right when I lift it. Each foot has a 3 on the far right as you look at it. Same serial number on each foot. Thanks in advance.......Mike
  5. That's an awesome find. Thanks so much. Everything from the pan down is exact. The pan I have is different--without a depression around the grate. I suspect it's a variation probably based on a different age. This is a huge help !
  6. Thanks for the help. It was found on a farm in northern Ohio. Even knowing what it isn't is another piece of the puzzle. This group has an amazing amount of knowledge.
  7. Hello all. Can anyone ID this forge. I'm interested in manufacturer, model, and years of production, if possible. Thanks in advance......Mike
  8. I ended up with this stake anvil today and wanted to see if anyone had an idea about age or value. It is 24 inches high and about 52 pounds. Thanks in advance...Mike