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  1. Does anyone know much about these anvils I believe they were imported from England but I’d like to get an idea of how old it is I know the feet are forge welded onto the body it has seen some abuse but has excellent rebound
  2. Thanks it was a fun project I became more excited as I progressed some of the pictures look almost real like your looking in an actual real barn
  3. Welding rod here here are some pictures of my grandpas 1862 civil war dairy barn replica I built for our marvel 50 th family reunion
  4. Had no blueprints had to do everything by memory talked to a few family members to try to get closer to the original layout the actual scale is pretty close looked at some old barns to see how they were framed wish I’d had some concrete dimensions though the build date of the barn and the names of the six carpenters that built the barn were carved into one of the main center beams sadly the carving was lost when the barn was torn down in the late 70s
  5. This is welding rod made this miniature anvil to go with a 1/20 scale model of my grandfathers 1862 civil war dairy barn made the anvil in 45 minutes out of a piece of 3/4 square stock
  6. Had our first IBA blacksmith hammer in went well made some cool projects
  7. Phone 2192410628

  8. Starting an Indiana blacksmith association chapter at my shop we will meet 1st Saturday of the month at 9:00 AM central time address is 38 n600w Valparaiso,Indiana 46385

  9. There is a definite 0 stamped in the side just right of center you can see it in the picture if you zoom in thanks black frog for the reply
  10. Here’s the picture I’m not sure if this is the one you need
  11. Thanks Thomas that makes sense will get a picture of the bottom tomorrow and post it
  12. For some reason somebody chiseled a bunch of cuts in the sides and feet don’t know why I’m trying to grind them smooth don’t see any names anywhere just numbers looked underneath didn’t notice any stamping will check further tonight at work now thanks for the reply where are you located I’m nortwest indiana
  13. Just purchased Ana anvil in Bucyrus Ohio last weekend it has 175 space 133801 stamped on the foot it has 2 Pritchett holes and a notch on the horn I’ve been told it’s a hay budden ferrier anvil got it for 365 bucks it’s a little abused but generally in good shape here are pics
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