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I am thinking of putting in for my journeymen papers!

That is the goal, to raise our children to people we would be proud to know even if they weren’t our kids. I just wish other folks would have taken that responsibility  as seriously as the rest of us. About the time I am about to give up hope some young man or woman comes along that makes we wish I was their Dad. 

More often than not I find them here on IFI. 

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18 hours ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

That is the goal, to raise our children to people we would be proud to know even if they weren’t our kids.

I don't have any kids..   I've been involved with teaching martial arts for a very long time and have taken a few of the local youngster under my wings...   I've known kids that come from terrible families that are just the best people, giving, kind, open, forgiving.. understanding.. 

I've also met some wonderful parents where the kids are little brats..  disrespectful, lying, cheating, thieves.. 

Sometimes all anyone really needs is a smile, a hug, and to know what happens or where they are is a safe place and that I will do anything I can to support them as best as I can.. Sometimes this gets lost in transmission between parents and kids, Loved ones, etc, etc.. 

When I started making the videos it was to show that there are alternatives to the everyday attitude of this is how it's done.. Or this is the only way..  I also wanted to fill in gaps that no one else has been talking about I have no idea if it is helping or not.. But I keep at it.. LOL.. 

I still don't understand my place or presence as to why I am adding content to these various groups.(  NEB, youtube, IFI,)  As there are many very fine smiths and it's amazing to see how far some of the guys here have come in such a short time...   That is passion, practice and patience and the work produced is very good..  

Sometimes the only outlet needed is the one that brings a person closer to themselves, and with this they gain understanding into the inner spirit..      Doesn't get much better than that.. 

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9 minutes ago, jlpservicesinc said:

I have no idea if it is helping or not.

Believe me it is helping. In just a short while you have taught this old dog some new tricks and my wife (who is basically a novice) is learning a lot from your videos. I hope you decide to keep at it.

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Hi,  Oh I will..

If it sounded like I am stopping.. I'll keep going..

I usually have a very defined idea of why I am doing something and its related with a desire or search or knowledge..  And this time around it's just something I'm compelled to do with little as to the reason why  other than it's what I am supposed to be doing,,       It was more of a rhetorical question or statement. I left words out again.. Argh dyslexia... 

I still am not sure as to "Why"..   It's ok though.. It's simply where and what I am to be doing.  

Thanks for feedback.. It does mean a lot.. :) 


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You do massive good as a role model for young women; so much they see is very negative. Power, Control, Creativity, Willingness to Share Info. I'll be directing my grandchildren, of both genders, to your videos.

While you may not have had kid's biologically; you sure sound like you have fostered more than your share!

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TP - your reference to "southern women" is what I call Prairie Tough.  Those prairie women of old could chop wood, kill and pluck a chicken, sew clothing, and still dress up for Sunday church looking like queen of the ball.  They could shoot a gun, but they were ladies in every sense of the word.  It's how I wish to raise my girls.  Maybe they want to be a fashion designer someday and that just fine with me, but they will have made that choice from having been exposed to many different options.  If they decide to forge metal or be an electrician that's also fine with me.     

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16 hours ago, jlpservicesinc said:

I have no idea if it is helping or not.. "still am not sure as to "Why"..  "

jlp - The "Why" is that it is built into you personality, character, and nature - The "Why" is the "You". Your conduct and content on this Forum is a demonstration of who you are. That said, the "Why" is revealed when I default to one of your videos to show others what can be accomplished at the Anvil.

It is certainly true that many others are posting excellent content online, but WHY, WHY, WHY, would I bother to get a ladder (or search for another tree) when I can pick the satisfying, low-hanging fruit, right here in Glenn's yard.

Keep on doing what you do for as long as you find yourself compelled to do so.

With Admiration, Robert Taylor

2 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

a SW Oklahoma farm

Would that be anywhere near Mangum?

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