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Perfectly good starter anvil IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT!     I wonder about the weight, any weight stamps?  (pounds or CWT).  I've found that folks misguess anvil weights a *lot* and usually too high.  (CWT weights will often throw off people too, often they will "discard" the lowest number to make it fit if it's a 2 digit one.)

I get torqued up by folks wanting to sell badly damaged anvils for "undamaged prices".

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Well I picked it up today. Unfortunately I  didn’t get home till late. I did get it on a hanging scale it was 380lbs but the chains weighed around 20lbs is my guess. The guy was fair on the price taking that into consideration originally said it was 400-500lbs. I could make out warranty and wrought used some Caulk to help I will get it off the truck tomorrow and get it cleaned up but my guess right now is arm & hammer and around 350+. I will fix it and keep(not sure it’s worth much more then I spent on it even repaired I have been dreaming of the perfect 400+ Hay Budden as my main anvil but this should work till she comes along.

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 35” length 

5.75 face w 21” length 

13” height 

12” base 

1.5” hardy

Sn 18349

weight 345lbs 

So after a clean up I was able to obtain enough information to figure out it’s an early Hay Budden. I will be doing a proper repair on it once I get a powerful enough welder. 


I do a lot of long stuff for custom orders so it doesn’t have to be wide but long helps a lot.  




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We often see these beat up anvils turning up on this forum. While they may not look pretty, most of them still have a useful life ahead. We should ask ourselves, "What is it I want to do that this anvil will not handle?" It has a considerable mass, a good flat working surface, plenty of usable edge, two good holes and a horn that will suffice. What more is needed? Ignore the blemishes and give it some work!

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I am actually really happy with this I have wanted this size hay budden for a number of years but could never get one either because of price or bad timing but this is perfect it’s not worth the 2500 Price or more the collectors pay even if repaired so I can justify keeping it I don’t need anything bigger “for now”. I will do a proper repair just need a more powerful welder to use the bigger Harding rods 90amp welder just can’t do it. 

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