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I Forge Iron

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A lot of people call various metal roofing "tin" when in reality, it is not made of the actual metal tin. A lot of the stuff is actually steel or aluminum. 

Are you sure this is actually tin? How malleable is it? Does a magnet stick to it? Try melting a little piece of it. Steel, aluminum, and tin all have WAY different melting points, so you should be able to tell with a fair degree of certainty that way. 

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If it has rust (red iron oxide, Fe2O3) then it is likely steel, or at least contains a decent amount of iron. 

If its a dull grey, its likely galvanized. Do not attempt to melt it, zinc is bad bad bad. 

I wouldnt even bother with the magnet either. If it has enough iron to create rust, it will be magnetic. 


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I'm assuming you mean corrugated roofing... but there are other forming patterns that might work for some things and not others.  In all cases, if it was galvanized (which is likely) put an exclamation point or three behind that "...Bad bad bad." mentioned above when speaking of heating it.  

I'd save such a thing for alternative projects rather than smithing.  Here are a couple of examples of planters.


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Tern Metal Roofs, Propanel roofs, corrugated metal roofs; I've heard them all called "tin". so is it  UUUUUUUUUU or U------------U--------U-----------U or |__________________|_________________|  ?

Basically any of them I have not used for smithing.  I did used some strips when building a bloomery once to hold the outside together while it dried.

My shop uses pro-panel as that was what was free but it's all full sized pieces.

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2 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Use it for bird house roofing for rustic birdhouses and fund your "take over the world" process by selling them.

haha lol I can see it now after I take over the world I can write a book

Steps to World Domination

Get metal roofing

Make Bird houses from said roofing

Sell bird house

fund world takeover

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1 hour ago, Daswulf said:

You'll Never hear that from me lol. 

lol obviously you know what I mean lol, heck id love to have an indoor workshop that is 2400 sqaure feet that opens up to an outdoor overhang shelter that's 1000 square feet and has a roof over everything but it wont happen anytime soon sadly

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