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  1. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    So, ill let you guys know what I come up with, but u said I needed to make my trench wider Charles?
  2. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    Yes I know, I tried explaining that to my dad bout just needing 2 pieces, but he wouldnt listen, he was like it will look bad if u do it like that, I'm just thinking so what, if it gets the job done Thats what matters
  3. Changing wheels on a bench grinder

    Yup will do that next time that seems like common sense now rhat I think about it, I will definitely remember that next time
  4. Changing wheels on a bench grinder

    What's sad is I guess from it having the same wheel for so long, the nut had gotten way tighter than it normally would be, and I didn't realize it was a left handed thread because after I forced it to stop spinning the nut would turn to tighten but I couldn't loosen it Finally it came loose tho
  5. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    Well, I mean that my dad said if I was going to do it he was only going to be ok with it if I replaced all of the siding, and all of the ceiling with it, the wall with the siding is approximately 8'×24' and the ceiling is approximately 12'×24' and to fully cover everything it would cost around 500 dollars after taxes And that is only if I do 1 layer of 1/4" cement board To be honest I havent ever considered getting it inspected the only things ive done is make sure my mom wont freak out to much about my set up lol
  6. Changing wheels on a bench grinder

    Actually yes lol
  7. Changing wheels on a bench grinder

    Ok so, I am changing the wheels on one of my 6 inch bench grinders, I was going to replace them with some cloth polishing wheels, anyways, I got one of the wheels off but I am unable to get the nut off of the left side, does anybody have any ideas for how to do this? Nevermind, sorry for the bother everybody, I finally got it off
  8. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    Ok well, I just looked into it and to shield my shelter like it needs to be done would cost a small fortune so sadly that idea wont be done any time soon
  9. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    Sounds good
  10. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    My roof is about 3-4 feet over the fire And yeah ive meesed,with a pretty good deal,of sheetrock that stuff is aggravating as can be
  11. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    I'm using a handcrank blower from champion forge that I salvaged, and most of the time yes raw wood, ill post pics of my shelter in a minute
  12. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    Well, the problem for,me issnt the wall, its the ceiling of my shelter,that's what I'm calling the underpinning
  13. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    So wait, to make sure I'm understanding correctly are u saying basically take the cement board and basically attach it to the underpinning on my shelter?
  14. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    Tbh I use it so the heat from the fire doesn't melt the sophet of my shelter lol
  15. JABOD Forge "roof" addition

    So, I just finished adding a so-called roof to my forge, my logic is the bricks will help hold in some more of the heat, and at the same time will be high enough to still be able to add fuel tell,me what y'all think about it also any ideas or any advice is appreciated