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  1. So earlier this year I bought the rose flower project from kens custom iron and I cant for the life of me figure out how to forge it any advice would be greatly need this figured out as soon as possible
  2. Lol so tex pen got it will do and u said its like a ballpoint pen instead of felt tip
  3. Hmmmm i may try the polish idea for the heck of it and mine isnt in the weather the humidity,is just really high
  4. Hello everybody its dillion again, to mark my metal i have been using a grey or white sharpie but they do not last long and the marks dont seem to last very long after the piece rusts some the mark is all but completly gone , I was wondering what does everybody use to write on your steel for instance when writing what type,of steel it is
  5. Haha true true I was starting to think this post had died well like i said it will be a new tool to mess with which I am looking forward to come september 8th i will finally havw a propane forge running which will be very fun
  6. Thats what my thinking was but i figured id ask in case it would be really good steel the walls themselve are about 1 1/2 inches thick so it should bring a little money
  7. Ok so do to asking very nicely i obtained the hub from a tractor the other day and wanted to know if this would be made of cast steel or not because if it isnt forgeable then its going to the metal place to give me a few dollars tomorrow along with 500 pounds old broken steel fencing
  8. Sounds good well either way at least i have a new toy lol
  9. Hmm, I hadn't thought of that my logic was that the guillotine tool would help more because even if I loose some force, I'd be able to make up for it due to less bad hammer strikes.
  10. Thomas, how could it cut down on efficiency if I'm going to be using a set of dies that are shaped like a cross,pein?
  11. Mine is a trenton anvil it has pretty good rebound approximately 80 or 90 percent, and probably not very much my intention is the mostly use it for some cuting ones I make some hot cut dies, and for lengthening forge welded billets and other stuff that is just to thick to efficiently hand hammer
  12. Ok thanks I didnt know thats what it was hmmm this will be fun
  13. Yeah buzz, its not quite finished I do not know it im going to need to weld on a bottom plate to help protect my anvil what do y'all think?
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