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  1. Thanks for the advice frosty whas sad is the guy isnt but maybe 30 or so but i see where ur coming from
  2. I had not addressed him as that I only said it for the post you found out first hand when I was just starting i say sir a little to much And I was calling him an xxxxxxx cause he started cursing me out lol
  3. Well the dude was an xxxxxxx when I respectfully let him know it was missing parts that would have to be replaced for it to be truly functional and he didnt lie that to much
  4. Imma see if i can talk some sence into this guy hes wanting 75 per wrench and 30 per pick head
  5. I was thinking that but besides that just cause trying to maximize efficiency of my money
  6. Sadly on his post he says the vise works fine so I doubt there's any luck there What parts do I need to look for so I can make a more educated guess for the next one?
  7. Yeah I thought I recalled from the little bit of time I was able to use a post vice at somebodys home forge during a NCABANA meeting that there were things missing on this one sad that the parts missing are the hardest to get parts
  8. Let me know if I'm in wrong section I'm trying to figure out if these old railroad wrenches or pic heads are worth the trouble and if so what treasures could I make?
  9. Ok so its looking like I may finally be able to hunt around for a post vice and I found this on my Facebook market place but honestly i dont even know what to look for as far as whether its good or not and the angle of what i believe is the screw???? Worried me alot Seller asking 150 for it
  10. Definately gonna do that... And sorry thats a typo I meant grinders honestly I dont like the idea of anything except a vise to be mounted cause even if I always plan to have the tool there it would just increase the cleaning aggravation
  11. I should have reworded my statement about redesigning honestly just a full cleaning since I have to keep family clean so I have the building to use lol and really the redesigning is just moving some griders around and such as ive had this original setup long enough to know which tools I'm using more than others only thing imma be mounting is the bench vise I have though I still really wish I could find a decent post vise I could afford honestly the building im in really couldnt be much better tho approximately 3/4 of the building is ussable/used for my smithing and its huge or at least huge enough to fit my needs Lighting does need improvement but that will happen once my vehicle is back on the road from the transmission shop Rn just wondering how many hours my 100 lb propane tank has left before shes out lol
  12. First and foremost ur condolences mean alot honestly. And I appreciate it I love a little bit of flash in whats ussually seen as a more rustic craft Truthfully frosty I agree when I first started this craft/passion/addiction, I like probably most people thought forge just sounded pretty darn cool but as ive grown and learned this craft I agree its such an overused term And yeah sadly had to take a break when this year started cause i was always away from home due to work but now ive started a new job that's Monday through Thursday unless theres rain which definatly is going to help me more effectively persue my newest endeavor.... Me and my dad were talking the other night and when I handed him a knife I had forged specifically for him(honestly nothing really fancy) he finally convinced me to take what I can only really call a transfer from passionate hobby to semi business. Honestly would love to actually be able to call blacksmithing my full time job but right now im happily starting out with hopes to cover some costs if nothing else. Any and all advice would be so appreciated Once I finish this most recent floor layout redesign and get a break on my orders I have I'll definatly take some. Sadly theres not as much purple and gold and I want just my water quench tank and my oil quench tank but it will be before its all said and done(my propane tank is definatly going to get a makeover:)) Sorry for run on sentences may be running myself a little to wide open between full time job and this addictive passion
  13. My forge has finally been dubbed the Purple Pirate Forge Originally it was just a little joke I had to myself. Then when my aunt passed away last year, I was granted access to the big building behind her house for my hobby I officially named my forge Purple Pirate Forge in honor of her love for not only ECU but specifically the colors purple and gold Now for some odd reason I cant seem to pass up anything with the purpl and gold pattern
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