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Is a #108 Trenton worth $900

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Local guy is selling a #108 Trenton with some hardy tools and a vise (Chas Parker?). Not sure if the anvil alone is worth nearly that sight unseen. This would be my first true anvil, currently I'm working with a large piece of a fork lift fork.

What are are your collective thoughts?




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Way too much where I am from ( in southwestern PA. ) anvils seem to be going high everywhere but in my opinion it's way too expensive. 

: A little context: look at what a brand new anvil will cost from a reputable maker and judge from there.

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that is probably about 200 bucks over market price in our area, even with the extras. I would not pay that much, but that is just me. you can get a brand new baby rhino anvil (142 lbs) from incandescent ironworks for that much. Actually, there are a lot of good new anvils out there that are that price but bigger. to give you an idea of what 900 could buy,  i got my 160lb soderfors anvil, a brand new coal forge with a 3 1/2 inch blower, a post drill, a 4 inch post vice, and 200lbs of coal for just under 900 cash, all by using TPAAT (before i knew it by that name). Shoot, i got that lead from the first guy i asked! if i were you i would hold onto my money and keep looking.

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It is a bit high for my area and my wallet.  But looking at the "average" asking prices from online, it maybe close enough to throw out a lower offer.

If you were to shop for those items on the online auction site, you are looking at...

anvil - $5/lbs  = 540 + shipping

hardy tools $25/each x 6 = $150 + shipping

vise $50 at a yard sale?  =  $50

You're looking at about $740 +  at the average asking prices.  If all you want/need is an anvil, maybe keep looking.  

If you wait and keep watching for local estate sales, flea markets, etc.  you may find all these items for a much lower price.  I would expect to see the anvil for $300 max at a local auction/estate sale.  The hardy tools $5 to $20 each depending on if the professional pickers are there.  And $20-50 for a bench vise, or $50 - 200 for a nice post vise.

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However paying high dollar for hardy tools that you then don't use is tying up money you could make better use of.  Of the 6 tools there I see 2 I would use on a regular basis. In general I don't need so many different radii; just one would do me fine and then the one to use as a hardy.  I bought my last stack of hardy tooling at Quas-State where a fellow had a pile and was selling them for decreasing prices as the conference went on. I bout the ones I could really use day 1 and picked up a lot of maybe's when they were down below US$2...

I'd suggest digging out the Living Treasures of Japan video on Youtube and watching the sword making section again to make you feel better about your fork lift tine anvil...

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At those prices I would consider a new anvil. I have a 125# JHM, and they are a good anvil. I agree with Thomas, the most i have paid for bottom tools is $3 ea. and I have a pile of them. 

If you have a forklift fork, you have a real anvil, just not a London pattern one. 

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