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I found a clutch fork in the scrap and it immediately suggested the body of a scorpion. The nippers are a couple of pairs of Wiss snips and a bit of old bike chain makes the tail. Rebar in the forge forms the legs. The third pic is after a clear coat was applied. The sting (Pic 4) is interesting - it's the handle end of a 12" bastard file, and maybe that has just given me an idea for a name for this one. ;)







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Looks great Aus!

The snips made great claws.

I have a couple of those forks that I had thought look like a good scorpion body but I've been holding off because of another thought of using them as lower jaws for deer heads. 

I think a name like that would fit. :)


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JHCC: That's why I chose that particular file. Of course, I could call him Wilt in accordance with Wiltshire on the other side.

olf: I think you would do more damage to the shoe!

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On ‎22‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 9:26 PM, jlpservicesinc said:

That is so cool.. Nice work.. Great vision..  Wish my brain worked that way..  Stuff like this sells great.. 

Yes, they are in great demand. The thing is, every one is different and I always want to keep them.

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