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What can you all tell me about my Salvaged Anvil?

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Good Afternoon All,

   I have been looking for an anvil for a few months and finally talked to the right person. He had one sitting in his yard and it has been there for quite a few winters. He told me to come and take it away, as it was now too heavy for him to move. I went and picked it up last Saturday. The total length is 32.5". It's height is 12 3/4". I have not weighed it, but I would estimate 200lbs.There are no markings left on the exterior. I think they have all rusted away. It does have a great ringing sound when I tested it with a hammer and pretty good bounce on the face. I checked old pictures to try and find something that looked similar but nothing quite matched.

   Any comments would be appreciated. Any idea what brand it could be? Forged or cast? I plan to use it, and would like any suggestions as to what I should do to clean it up.


Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge...





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a hand wire brush, a pressure washer then check for markings on the sides and on the feet, some only show up when lit from the sides.

also try rubbing chalk into it when dry and wipe off the excess to highlight markings

it is forged, a london pattern, a little sway backed  but very usable and maybe a few centuries of life left in it.

wire brush the table too but dont worry about cleaning it up too much, the best way to clean the face of it is to use it

what part of the world are you in?

IFI covers over 100 countries and maybe members are close by

Im in the east midlands UK

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Oh yeah, SWEET SCORE! A wire wheel to clean up the surface rust, maybe some oil, wax, etc. to keep her clear then hot steel and hammering is all she needs to bring a shine to her face again. That grand lady has generations of life in her who ever made her she's a beauty.

Frosty The Lucky.

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   The width of the face is 5 1/4" wide and 20" long. The table is 3.5" and the horn is 9". There is nothing on any part of the anvil left to identify it. When I got it home on Saturday I tested it with a hammer and a scale of rust fell off it from every part, like a snake shedding its skin. The only other thing of note is that the "ringing" when you strike it is very loud. I'll need ear protection to work on it. It rings when you tap it with your hand.

  I'm located in Newfoundland, Canada. Which was a colony of Britain until 1949. So it's probably English made? I'm pretty happy to finally have something to work on. The older gentleman who gave it to me refused payment and was just happy that someone was going to put it to use again. He said to make him something in trade. He also mentioned he has an old leg vice somewhere, so i'm going to follow up on that and try to overpay for it.

Thanks for the info on cleaning it up. Cheers all...



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we have a 300 year old anvil in use that we examined many times over the last couple of years, a few weeks ago I noticed some marks and now we know who it was made by and where, wrought iron does not rust as easily as steel and you may still find marks after a clean up or even years later

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Early Hay-Budden anvil.  Your weight estimate is rather light from those dimensions, like 50% light most likely....  300# would be my ballpark guess.

Wire cup wheel on an angle grinder might reveal some logo stamp and weight numbers on the side, as well possibly serial numbers on the front foot under the horn.

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   I just put it on a bathroom scale it maxed out at 300 lbs. Wife's not impressed. Me and the kids are loving it. I didn't think it was that heavy. I walked it up a 2x6 plank to get it into the back of my truck in like 2 minutes. I am just reading up on Hay Budden anvils. Fun to read up on the history. Glad to have a well made tool. Can't wait to get it cleaned up and get working on it. I'll post more pics when i get it scrubbed and oiled. Thanks again for all the info...

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